The Final 4 -- Football's Jeff Jennings

Nov. 26, 2008

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Senior running back Jeff Jennings was selected by the football team's nine-member Leadership Council to wear the "KD 1" patch honoring the late Kwane Doster. Jennings is just the second player to wear the patch. Former linebacker Jonathan Goff wore the patch in 2006 and 2007.

How big of an honor is it for you to wear the Doster Patch?
It is a really big honor to wear the patch. For the type of person Kwane (Doster) was, it is a real big honor to go out on the field and represent him.

Does it mean even more to you having played with him for a season?
It means even more that I knew him and got to play with him. I really know what type of player and person he was, the type of work ethic he had and how much he wanted to win every game.

With the patch, do you feel like you have more of a responsibility to be a leader?
I definitely know that I need to be a leader, and the young guys look up to me. If I go out and practice and play hard, they will see how important it is. They will go out and go 100 percent all the time, as well. Everyone on the team from freshmen to seniors knows what the patch represents.

What's it like to follow a player like Jonathan Goff?
Jonathan (Goff) is the same type of player that Kwane was. He played hard every play, goes 100 percent all the time and he did everything that the coaches asked him. It was great to watch how he carried himself and how he represented Kwane with the patch. It is a real honor to follow his footsteps.



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