Video and Transcript: Coach Johnson's Monday Press Conference

Nov. 12, 2007

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Head Coach Bobby Johnson
Weekly Press Conference
Monday, Nov. 12, 2007
Tennessee Game

Coach Johnson's opening statement...
"Obviously, it's a big week. It's an important week. We're back to work. It's going to be a tough challenge but we're looking forward to that too."

On the status of (cornerback) D.J. Moore...
"He's doing okay. We probably won't know for sure until we try to go out and do a lot in practice. We didn't do a whole bunch yesterday on our Sunday practice. We really didn't test him. It's probably one of those injuries that the more he's able to move, it might help him a little more. We're going to try to get him active and see if that will help get him loose and keep him loose."

On the importance of the game...
"It's always important when you play Tennessee. It's tough to play over there. I think it was very important for our program to prove that we could go on the road and win. There were some circumstances obviously that helped us but I don't care what's happening over there, if you win over there, you've done a good job. It's always a challenge. They've got a great program. It's hard to play there. They got great fans. We've done pretty well on the road. We hope to play well this week and expect to play well."

On Tennessee only giving up three sacks on the season...
"I think it's the O-line and the quarterback. The quarterback is pretty savvy. Erik Ainge has been there and done a lot. He doesn't seem to be holding the ball. He gets rid of it very quickly. He knows who he's going to all the time. I was very impressed with him last year when he played against us. He was fantastic. He was playing with a hurt foot. I think he's a fantastic player."

On trying to get pressure on Eric Ainge...
"Even if you don't sack him, you can get pressure. You force him to maybe throw it quicker than he would like to. Disrupt the timing of the whole thing. You don't have to get sacks to have an effective pass rush. That is certainly a bonus. We've been very fortunate in getting a lot of sacks this year. Broderick Stewart had a fantastic game against Kentucky. He's hard to hem up sometimes. Of course, you've got Curtis Gatewood. Steven Stone has made a few. We've had sacks from a lot of people."

On if Vanderbilt has narrowed the talent gap with Tennessee over the past few years...
"It didn't look like it last year. They whomped us pretty good. You look at situations. You look at comparative scores. You just can't tell. Sometimes people have key injuries and you play them a good game. Sometimes you have key injuries and you're not playing as well that week. I do know in the SEC you have to be ready whoever you play. I think we've proven that we can beat good teams."

On the play of (tight end) Jake Bradford...
"Jake did a good job. Of course he was lonelier then the Maytag repairman out there Saturday. That played worked in the game better than it did in practice. I'm sure glad he caught it. Jake works hard. Jake's a lot more mobile than you would think for being a guy that big. He's really big. It gives us an opportunity to throw to the tight end which all fans love. We like it. Coach (Ted) Cain, our offensive coordinator, was a tight end, he coaches the tight ends, he loves the tight ends. We'll probably continue to try to do that."



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