Audio and Transcript: Coach Johnson's Monday Press Conference

Oct. 29, 2007

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Head Coach Bobby Johnson
Weekly Press Conference
Monday, Oct. 29, 2007
Florida Game

Coach Johnson's opening statement...
"We got a good win. It wasn't exactly what we wanted, but in the long run, it was a very good win for us. We overcame some obstacles, turnovers and some things like that. We're glad to get it. Now we go down to Gainesville to play the Gators and that's going to be a great challenge for us. Obviously, they're a very talented team. We'll have to play well to have a chance to win down there, but we're looking forward to it. We'll just get back to practice and see how we can do."

On the injury situation at quarterback...
"We don't really know right now. The only one that's questionable is Mackenzi (Adams.) He's still sore. We didn't do very much yesterday in practice and today's the day off for them. We're not going to learn a whole lot until tomorrow when we go out and he tries to throw some. Hopefully he'll be ready to go. If not, Chris (Nickson), Richard (Kovalcheck) and Jared (Funk) will be ready to go. That's why you have more than one."

On the difficulty of defending Florida quarterback Tim Tebow...
"I think because of all the people around him it's difficult. There are certain threats you have to defend no matter whether he's rushing the ball or somebody else is rushing the ball, he's throwing it to them. You just have to be aware of where the other guys are and what they're doing. That's what makes their offense hard to defend. We'll get in there and chase him down and tackle him as best we can."

On what makes Tebow unique...
"The uniqueness is when he runs, he's not like a normal quarterback and he's not like an option quarterback either. He runs like a fullback and a halfback and throws as well as most quarterbacks. He's pretty much the complete package. If you need yardage on short yardage, you let him run it. If you're going to run the option and they take away the pitch, let him run it. If you need 15 yards, let him pass it."

On the play of the Commodore defense...
"I think we're playing very good as a unit. We have a bunch of people making plays. I don't know if any one player had more than one sack in the last two games and we've had 12 sacks (in those games). Everybody is stepping up and doing what they're supposed to do and doing their jobs. What we're trying to tell our guys and the people we try to get to come here is that it's fun to play in our system because you get to do so many things. You get to rush the passer, you get to drop, you get to defend. They're having fun right now, and just having some success also helps. They played very well against Georgia. Really, I thought they played well against Alabama. We had a punt return and some turnovers that gave (Alabama) some field position. As a defense, we're played well (every game) except maybe against Auburn."

On offensive tackle Brian Stamper...
"Brian had his best game (since returning from back surgery). He was our offensive player of the week along with Hamilton Holliday, who happened to be picked as the SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week. Brian has been a real steadying force for our offensive line. It's great to have him back. I think it took him a couple of games to get back in there and get used to playing again. I wouldn't say he's physically the same as he was before. He has to get his back loosened up and ready to go, so we really appreciate the effort he makes playing under circumstances where he's probably not 100 percent."

Talk about the overall play of your offensive line...
"We had 290 something yards rushing (against Miami (Ohio)), which is the most we've had in a good while. I think it was a situation where Coach (Robbie) Caldwell went to them and said, `look, we've got some quarterbacks hurt and we're having a tough time passing the ball, let's run it.' They took the challenge and got it done in the fourth quarter. They had a touchdown that made me feel a lot better about the score."



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