Quotes: Players on Duke matchup

Oct. 20, 2008

Video, audio and quotes from Coach Johnson's Monday Press Conference

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Quarterback Mackenzi Adams, wide receiver Jamie Graham, cornerback Myron Lewis and offensive tackle Thomas Welch met with the media Monday to talk about Saturday's homecoming game against Duke. Tickets are still available for only $22 and can be purchased by calling (615) 322-GOLD.

Mackenzi Adams, quarterback

Does it feel like you have a better chance of getting your sixth win this weekend by stepping out of the SEC at home?

It's not going to be an easy game. Duke's definitely a program on the rise, as we are. They are a lot better than when we played them a couple years ago. So, it's going to be a tough game. We're going to have to come out and play well to win, but at the same time it's good to be back at home, and get out of the SEC for a little bit and play some good competition in the ACC too. It'll definitely be a good game though.

Will starting a second-straight week help your comfort level out there?

Definitely. Every play you can get out there helps, and every game adds to your experience and that's huge down the road. Just getting more playing time, I feel like I can build on that and just try to keep on building through the rest of the season.

Are you developing a nice connection with Jamie Graham?

He's just a redshirt freshman. He's only been playing receiver for six games. He's improved all season and adds to a lot of the weapons that we have at receiver.

Is the offense ready to click again like it at the beginning of the season?

As far as yards, we're in last place in the SEC, but we did a lot of good things [against Georgia] that I think we can build on. We started moving the ball running-wise, which opens up the passing game. So, I think we can build on that stuff and keep on going.

Jamie Graham, wide receiver

What's your mindset after having two shots at the sixth win and coming up empty?

You just look at it as just another game. We know it's very important, because we can change history and we can make history around here and that's good. Corey Chavous came back during camp and spoke to us and told us how important it was for him to see us succeed. It's good to hear stuff like that from people who went here and how much they cherish this program and want us to succeed. I take a lot from it. So, this is a very, very important game, but we're going to take it one game at a time. I really do know that we're going to come out and do what we need to do, and it'll work out for the best.

Does it bother you that it hasn't happened yet?

It kind of does, when you sit back and think about it you realize you want the sixth win very, very badly. We know there's ups and downs in football, and the good thing about it is you prepare the next week for another game, and that's great when you talk about college football because you can come back the next week and do what you did the last week and if you can win then you have the opportunity.

Talk about your play to this point:

I think I'm making strides. For me to just become a receiver in August at the beginning of camp and the learning that's going on with the offense and figuring out what the defense does. Coach Fisher, the wide receiver coach, is telling me I'm making good strides, and I'm becoming a better route runner. I think I naturally had the hands for it, because I played defensive back before. But, I think I'm doing pretty well right now, and I can always get better, but I have three years to get better.

Myron Lewis, cornerback

Is there any extra excitement for the Duke game?

It's a home game, so we're always going to be excited. We have our fans behind us, and we're just ready to get this sixth win.

What can you improve upon this week after the Georgia game?

Play harder, play smarter, limit the mistakes on defense and offense, come together better as a team and try to win.

Does the homecoming game add any more pressure?

Every game's big for us. Our next game happened to be homecoming, so this is going to be the biggest game for us. We need this win in order to be bowl eligible, and we know that we're going to take every game one at a time and get ready for Duke and hopefully get a win.

Thomas Welch, offensive tackle

What can you take from the Georgia game and apply to future contests?

I think we learned that we can be a lot more physical with some of the big, powerhouse teams in the SEC, and just knowing that if we have a good game plan we can go out and play with anyone.

Saturday's game is homecoming, and you're looking for the sixth win, any added pressure for this one?

It's just the next game for the sixth win. So, it's going to be really exciting, but it's still just the next game of the year.

Have you been stressing the philosophy one-game-at-a-time all year?

It's always just one game at a time. You can't overlook anybody, especially these days in college football, because every program can beat anybody any given week. So, you can't overlook anybody, and every game is as important as the next.

What do you think of Eric Hensley's and Kyle Fischer's performances against Georgia?

I was really proud of them. They played great. It was fun getting to play next to Eric because he's a big man in there. I was really proud of their effort. They played really well, and I'm looking forward to seeing more big things out of them.



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