Vanderbilt reVealed: Missouri game

Oct. 10, 2012

"We put in the time. Now we're going to get the reward. And you got to be a dog in this game."

The Commodores have been in several prize fights this year, standing toe-to-toe with nationally-ranked opponents, trading punch for punch, only lacking that killer knockout blow.

Not anymore.

Barca Brandon Barca (Archive)

Vanderbilt overcame Missouri's 85-yard touchdown on third-and-17 in the fourth quarter and responded with clutch plays on offense and crushing hits on defense to leave Faurot Field with a 19-15 victory.

The only way to get rid of the sour taste from the 1-3 start was to take it out on the gridiron. James Franklin ordered it. "I want to see some anger. I want to see some frustration. I want to see some passion," said the head coach minutes before kickoff.

Vanderbilt did just that in front of 66,250 rowdy Tiger fans. After capturing its first Southeastern Conference road win under Franklin, the Commodores saluted the hundreds of fans that made the trip to Columbia. In the locker room, the team exchanged hugs and high-fives while reciting the gospel of the fight song. 

On this chilly night in the midwest, the tension was gone. The stress evaporated in the air. And it was time to celebrate.

"Those wins feel good, don't they?" exclaimed Franklin.

Yes they do, Coach.




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