Joe's Mailbag: No huddle, Steven Stone

Oct. 9, 2009

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Joe, I realize our offense wasn't great last year, but I felt we had a winning formula by limiting the opposition's possessions, shortening the game & playing to our strength - the defense. I respect the fact the coaching staff is willing to try different things to improve, but this year we've gone to a hurry-up offense which puts our defense on the field more often. So why did the coaches choose such a drastic change the very next year after we finally went to a bowl game? And do you think since it hasn't worked real well so far, will we go back to using more of the play clock? -- Mike

Mike - I don't really think the change to a no huddle offense has been that much of a factor as simply the lack of execution in the system. Larry Smith ran this offense in high school, and I think is comfortable in it. But I'm sure the offense would be the first to admit they have not executed consistently well this season; the combination of missed blocking assignments against pressure, dropped passes and missed throws has made the offense stagnant. Injuries haven't helped, but that can't be used as an excuse. I think the offense will be fine. Shutting it down now and going back to the old offense, to me, would be a step back.

When will Steven Stone be ready to play?

Steven is chomping at the bit to play. We are hoping that he'll be ready to go next week against Georgia. He has to be able to prove that he can run, plant and cut on that foot without pain before they'll clear him to play.



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