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Sept. 30, 2008

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Well, it's official... ESPN's College GameDay show will broadcast live from The Commons, located on the edge of the east side of Vanderbilt's campus, this Friday and Saturday.

You may be thinking to yourself... The Commons? I've never heard of it. And why was that area chosen?

First, The Commons is a brand new residential area on campus specifically designed to house all first-year students (approximately 1,600 overall). It's a state-of-the-art living and learning facility covering six acres that consists of ten residence halls or Houses plus dining and educational areas.

Recently, ESPN has made an effort to broadcast their GameDay show from other parts of campus to showcase the universities, instead of the usual area surrounding the football stadium. For example, last week's show at Georgia was in one of their student quads. After surveying several locations for the show yesterday, The Commons was a no-brainer for the ESPN executives (and yes, it was their decision).

We'll post more news about the GameDay show on VUcommodores during the next day with a timeline of events including info on where to park and how to get to The Commons. I do know ESPN's GameDay show will air from 9 - 11 a.m. CT Saturday, with gates opening at 7 a.m. They will also broadcast from 3:30 to 3:50 p.m. Friday. The rest of ESPN's segments during and after the game will be inside the stadium.

We are going to need the Commodore Nation in full force at these events (especially Saturday morning) to show the rest of the world that support for the black and gold is as strong as it's ever been. These activities will be open to both the students and the public, so bring your family and friends out to enjoy an event that has never been to Nashville before!

If you want to learn more about The Commons, click here. Also, here's info from the 2008 football media guide:

This year, Vanderbilt officially opens The Commons, providing first-year students with one of the nation's truly unique and modern on-campus residential communities.

Built on six acres in the southeast quadrant of the Vanderbilt campus, The Commons includes ten residence halls or Houses, spacious study and social areas, and the showpiece Commons Center, a modern dining and activity hub, all located on the Peabody campus.

Vanderbilt officials believe The Commons will provide first-year students a truly special living/learning experience. Bringing scholars, leaders, teachers and learners together to create a vibrant intellectual community is at the heart of The Commons. It will be home to both new students and an extraordinary connection of people, ideas and opportunities that distinguish the Vanderbilt experience.

The Commons Center also features the Eatery, the place to dine with friends and study with classmates. At the Commons Cafe, students, faculty and staff can develop friendships while listening to Vanderbilt and Nashville musicians.

While all new students to Vanderbilt will reside in The Commons, plans are underway to eventually replace or renovate existing facilities to complete College Halls at Vanderbilt, the university's future residential college system.

Finally, with GameDay coming here, there's only one word for it: Rad.

Thanks to Wes for submitting this video from the 1986 BMX biking movie.



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