Gameday Traditions: Tunnel Entrance

Sept. 14, 2012

In the past few weeks, has unveiled videos that highlight many of Vanderbilt's gameday traditions. To conclude the seres, we look at the team's tunnel entrance onto the field.

Tunnel Entrance | Star Walk | Six Seconds | Dore Alley

Victory Flag | Alma Mater | Anchor | The Admiral

Upon exiting the locker room for one last time before kickoff, the Commodores gather inside the tunnel before the doors open and they run through the smoke and onto the field.

"Of all the pregame things, it is the pregame adrenaline climax," senior defensive tackle Rob Lohr said of the tunnel.

Once inside the tunnel, players shout words of encouragement to one another as they hear the roar of the crowd for the first time.

"One thing I think that is cool about the smoke is that you can't really see," senior guard Josh Jelesky said. "You are running out but you can't really go full speed, but you kind of start reaching out and most of us feel out where our teammates are and grab somebody's shoulder. I guess that is a good metaphor for what football is all about: just holding onto your teammate and hoping they are going to take you in the right place."




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