Joe Fisher's Mailbag, Sept. 13

Sept. 13, 2013

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Who's the team staffer with the huge beard that we always see working on the sidelines during game broadcasts on TV? Even the commentators always seem to notice that guy. Surely, I'm not the only person to always notice him.
- Mitch Moore (Maryville, Tenn.)

That is equipment manager Chris Singleton.It's hard to miss that massive beard.I'm guessing it would take me 10 years to grow one of that magnitude. Chris and the equipment staff is that unsung group that a football team couldn't do without.Most of them piled into a bus and an 18-wheeler on Thursday evening and headed to Columbia to make sure everything was in place for the team's arrival on Friday.

Hi, Joe. Awesome game tonight.

My two kids, my wife and I are big fans and have been cheering Dores so hard from north end zone for three years. We always stay there until the end of the game even when it is too easy of a game like today's AP game. I see many fans leaving before the game ends, which makes me sad and I know Mr. Franklin does not want that.

Here is my suggestion: if players and coaches would run and wave hands or VU sign around the field not only in front of the students seats for alma mater but also north or other seats after the game, I am sure people in those seats would want to stay. Kind of sad to see players rush to students seats as soon as game is over. This is the only thing that I want you and team to change.
- Masato Yuasa (Nashville)

Thank you, Masato, for your support and for being in the north end zone.I hear that's actually a great vantage point for the game. I know many of the players when they come out of the tunnel make their way down to the north end zone to acknowledge the fans.I also remember the win over Tennessee last year when Coach Franklin sent the team back out to thank the fans for their support.I will pass on your request, but I hope you know that even if they don't come face to face with you for every game, you are extremely important to them.Here's hoping for many more postgame celebrations in our future!

Why the strange alignment before we kick our extra point?
- Pam Lovvorn (Nashville)

You now see a lot of teams line up in an unusual, unbalanced formation before an extra point. Basically, the team is coached to line up in that formation, and if they see a certain situation that is deemed an advantage, to snap the ball, take advantage of it, and get two points instead of one.It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while you'll see a team take advantage. What it also does is force your opponent to spend practice time defending the alignment, which may take away from time to prepare for something else.

Jordan Matthews has put up monster numbers for the first two games. Will he be able to do the same against a very good South Carolina secondary?
- Ben Elasy (Brentwood, Tenn.)

One can only hope!As much talk as there has been this week about the Commodores game planning for Clowney, I'm sure South Carolina is doing the same thing regarding Jordan Matthews. One of the amazing stats regarding Jordan's stellar career is the vast majority of his 100-yard receiving games have come in conference play.I think you'll see John Donovan be very creative in finding ways to get the ball into Jordan's hands. But, hopefully, that will also open up opportunities for Krause, Kentera, Cunningham and more.

Joe, I am wondering what the coach's perspective is on the offense this season. Vanderbilt has scored an impressive 73 points, but only 17 of those points outside of the second quarter. Is there a need to emphasize getting points on the board sooner?
- Kevin Anderson (Cookeville, Tenn.)

Certainly the lack of offensive production early has been a bit of a concern.Coach Franklin pointed out that the problem against Ole Miss was turning the ball over. Against APSU, it was just clearly a lack of execution. I know it's been a focal point this week to come out executing at 100%. No one wants to fall behind on the road against a quality opponent. However, I do hope the second quarter production continues!

Joe, not a question, but an update of the radio situation in case you don't know.I am a season ticket holder and I listen to you and John during the games.I listened on 95.9 for Ole Miss and started there against Peay. The static during Peay drove me to 1510. 1510 was clear, BUT there was a delay, generally enough that the play was over when your call began.

Thanks for your excellent work.
- Doug Watts (Culleoka, Tenn.)

Thanks, Doug, for your kind words. We had a number of questions in the mailbag this week regarding this topic.If you are listening in the stadium right now, you have three options; 1510 WLAC AM, which is our flagship station and a strong signal, but yes, is carried with a delay. Our newest network affiliates are WNSR 560 AM, and 95.9 FM. Both of those signals are carried real time, with little delay.



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