First person with Kennard Reeves

Sept. 13, 2010

Vanderbilt’s most veteran running back, senior Kennard Reeves brings experience to a position filled with underclassmen. A native of Duluth, Ga., Reeves will graduate in December with a degree in communications and a minor in corporate strategy. Reeves entered his senior season with 193 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

On being the team’s only senior running back
It’s been good being the veteran running back. It seems like just yesterday that I was getting ready for that first game at Michigan. I’ve been looking to take more of a leadership role and I feel like I did do that during the offseason. I was on campus all summer looking over the young guys on the team.

On some of his goals as a senior
You always want to finish strong and I want to make my senior year something to remember as a team and individual. I’d like to help us get to a bowl game and back to a winning record.

On being elected as a member of the team’s leadership council
It feels good to be looked up to as a leader in this program. We have a young team, so it is good to have a voice with the younger players. It’s good to meet with Coach Caldwell on a regular basis and get to know him better.

On some of the roles of the leadership council
We help decide what direction we want to go as a team and the approach we want to take toward certain decisions. We have input in little things like what we are going to wear on Saturday’s and scheduling activities outside of football. For example, during camp, we were scheduled to have two practices one day, but we canceled the practice and went to the movies as a team. That was an idea that the leadership council helped decide on.

On how often the leadership council meets with Coach Caldwell
Coach Caldwell likes to meet weekly with us. He really likes getting us involved. During the season, we will probably all eat dinner together a few times and do other things to help with team bonding.

On helping the younger guys adjust to college
We always try to help the newcomers with making sure they are getting their school work done. I feel like it is the role of the veterans on this team to make sure the guys are getting their work done in the classroom.

On staying prepared to play even when he’s not on the field
Even when you are not out there, it is all about taking mental reps. When you see a play, you need to be thinking about what you would have done in a certain situation.

On plans after graduation
I’m going to take the GRE and GMAT and see if graduate school is what I want to do. In the meantime, I’ll be interviewing and trying to do some networking. I also plan on participating in Pro Day this spring.



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