Gameday Traditions: Six Seconds

In the coming weeks, will be unveiling videos that highlight many of Vanderbilt's gameday traditions. Up next, we look at Vanderbilt's mantra of six seconds at a time.

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A college football game is comprised of four quarters, each lasting 15 minutes for a total of 60 minutes in a game. But instead of thinking of a game as an exhaustive 60-minute grind, Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin has his team taking the mental approach of looking at each game in increments of six seconds at a time - the approximate length of each play.

"The game is a long game and Coach Franklin says that every time that there are four quarters," quarterback Jordan Rodgers said. "But we just have to be our best for six seconds at a time. We have to give 100 percent for six seconds at a time."

The mindset was instilled in 2011 by Coach Franklin, and it has become a gameday tradition for the Commodores to raise three fingers in the air with both hands, forming the "VU" hand sign and reinforcing the importance of six seconds all at the same time.

"If we are going as hard as we can with all the mental power that we have for six seconds at a time, and every guy next to you is doing the same thing, we just feel like we are unstoppable." linebacker Archibald Barnes said.




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