reVealed reVisited, Part II

Aug 28, 2013

reVealed reVisited with James Franklin:
Music City Bowl | Marve's Speech | Boats Are Burning | Carrying Mr. C

reVealed reVisited with Sean Spencer and Javon Marshall:
Champions | That's My Brother | History Shapes Us | Marshall's Moment | Link the Chain | Anticipation of Death

"The person that says history repeats itself is crazy...The anticipation of death is worse than death itself...And you gotta be a dog in this game...That's my brother!"

Barca Brandon Barca (Archive)

We know the speeches.

We even recite the lines.

Now, find out the back story on the spirited pregame talks given by defensive line coach Sean Spencer and senior safety Javon Marshall in the 2012 reVealed series.

Marshall's Moment   WATCH

That's My Brother   WATCH

History Shapes Us   WATCH

Anticipation of Death   WATCH

Link the Chain   WATCH

Champions   WATCH



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