Gameday Traditions: Victory Flag

Aug. 29, 2012

In the coming weeks, will be unveiling videos that highlight many of Vanderbilt's gameday traditions. Up next, we look at the victory flag.

Victory Flag | Alma Mater | Anchor | The Admiral

When you see it flying high above the Vanderbilt Stadium press box, it can only mean one thing: a Vanderbilt victory on the gridiron.

Since 2004, the Victory Flag - solid black in color with a Star V emblazoned on it - has been raised above the stadium after every Vanderbilt conquest. Once in place, the flag is flown for seven days.

Said senior linebacker Archibald Barnes of the Victory Flag: "When we see that Victory Flag up there; you can see it all the way from main campus walking over to the football field to practice, and you just know we got a win last week and we have to keep that Victory Flag up there."

"It kind of just shows you the hard work that you put in," senior defensive back Eddie Foster said. "It kind of reminds you why you are doing it. Every time you see that flag, you think about what you and your team have been through the last week and what you had to go through to get that win. And what you've had to go through your whole life to get to this position. It is kind of just a constant reminder that hard work does pay off."




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