reVealed reVisited, Part I

Aug 27, 2013

reVealed reVisited: Music City Bowl | Marve's Speech | Boats Burning | Carrying Mr. C

ReVealed started as one small idea and transformed into a documentary series chronicling Vanderbilt football history.

Barca Brandon Barca (Archive)

It's an exclusive look into the Commodores' locker room, a space occupied by the 2012 team who accomplished something that hadn't been done in almost 100 years. As Trey Wilson told his teammates in episode 5, "It took a room full of men, committed to win."

I was granted unprecedented access to the program, and I wanted to share that with you: the fans. With our talented video staff capturing the moments we can watch over and over again, we set out to build a stronger bond between the football team and Commodores across the globe.

What you haven't heard are the stories behind our favorite moments from season 1. James Franklin joined me at the start of the summer to look at the following clips of the 2012 Music City Bowl champions.

Music City Bowl   WATCH

Marve's Speech   WATCH

Boats Are Burning   WATCH

Carrying Mr. C   WATCH



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