Get to know Theron Kadri

Aug. 26, 2008

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Theron Kadri
Defensive end
No. 91
6-4/270 lbs.
Brighton, Tenn. (Brighton)
Major: computer engineering

Kadri on football:

What's your favorite thing about playing defensive end?

I'd say getting sacks, that'd be the best thing. It's one-on-one with the offensive lineman, and then you just get to do your own thing.

What do you bring to the field/your best asset?

Probably my best asset is that I'm fast, but at the same time powerful, and so that combination is something that I have unique to myself.

Personal goals/expectations for the season?

Mainly I just want to try to get All-SEC, and then All-American if at all possible. But, we'll see. I want to at least try to make sure I get a sack a game. That's saying a lot, but I at least want to try for it.

Playing as a freshman last season, what were the biggest lessons that you learned?

You're a little bit in awe or in shock just because I was right out of high school. I jumped into a whole different style of play really quickly, and everything was so fast. When I went out on the field I was just going all out, but my awareness was slow. So, probably the biggest thing this year is my awareness. When I come up to the line I can just look at the personnel group and tell what plays they can run and stuff like that, and I can know what to be ready for.

What's it like competing in the SEC, in one of the best conferences?

The teams are faster and a lot stronger. You have to have a focused mindset and realize it's big-time. I think it hypes me up a little bit, just knowing that I'm up against the best.

What's your favorite uniform combination?


How do you prepare yourself on game days?

I just like to put on music, be quiet and just focus to get my mind right

Off the field:

You've been described as a "goofball." How have you gotten that adjective?

I can be at times. I just do stupid things, little pranks and stuff. I have a weird sense of humor, and I'm just always laughing for the most part.

Have you had a favorite class at Vanderbilt?

Probably my favorite was sociology, just because it's really interesting to me - human interaction and just all of that good stuff.

You played rugby. Which do you like more football or rugby?

I still have to say football. In football, people hit harder, a lot harder.

Favorite NFL team: Carolina Panthers Why? Because as a kid I was in Virginia and that was the closest NFL team we had. I just kind of stuck with them.

Favorite type of music/artist: My favorite type is rap/hip-hop. My favorite artist would have to be Tupac. My favorite living artist is TI. I just like their lyrics. They rap about real issues relative to people who listen to their music.

Best summer blockbuster: "The Dark Knight." Heath Ledger was a beast in that movie. He put out a performance of a lifetime.

Favorite movie: "The Dark Knight" might be it.

Best place to eat in Nashville: Monell's, just because it's a big buffet and has really good food and a really good atmosphere to it.

What's your favorite thing about Vanderbilt/Nashville: My favorite thing is just the people and the atmosphere. It kind of has that big city feel, but at the same time it still has a really rural feeling to it.

What do you do in your free time?

I play video games and also hang out with friends. I listen to a lot of music, too.

Favorite hobby: Basketball. In high school, basketball was my sport. I only played football for about two years. I was a basketball player before I came into football, and one time I just got cut from the team. I had to do something else, so I just walked over to football and wanted to play on the team.

Favorite NBA star: Kevin Garnett. Favorite team: It used to be the Timberwolves, but now it's the Celtics.



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