NINE-from-NINE: Krause takes it to the house

Aug 20, 2013

Vanderbilt had a historic season in 2012, finishing 9-4 overall and winning the Music City Bowl. The nine wins were the most by a Vanderbilt team since 1915. In the coming weeks, will relive each win by highlighting one play from every game. To get a better understanding of the play, we watched each highlight with the featured player and had him take us through the moment.

Krause Takes it to the House at Wake Forest

Nov. 24, 2012
Vanderbilt 55, Wake Forest 21
Nashville, Tenn.

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It went down officially as an 83-yard punt return, but the distance Vanderbilt's Jonathan Krause covered from when he first caught the ball to when he reached the end zone was significantly more.

After fielding the punt between the hashes at the 17-yard line, Krause started running left, avoiding tacklers and reached the outside of the numbers. Near the 50-yard line, Krause began darting back across the field, escaping Demon Deacon defenders along his diagonal path. By the time he reached the Wake Forest 15-yard line, Krause was outside the numbers on the opposite side of the field with nothing but Vanderbilt jerseys around him to provide an escort to the end zone.

The touchdown gave Vanderbilt a 48-14 lead en route to a 55-21 win at Wake Forest.

The 83-yard punt return for a touchdown was the longest by a Commodore since Alvin Duke's 88-yard return against Alabama in 1996. It was also Krause's second punt return for a touchdown of the season as he became the first Vanderbilt player to return multiple punts for touchdowns since 1968. Krause previously had returned a punt against UMass.

In His Words
Krause Breaks it Down

Pruitt's Block Set it Up: Trent [Pruitt] took on the first blocker, and that gave me a leeway to go in any direction. I just happened to choose the left side. From there, it was pure athleticism to make a play.

Change of Plans: Honestly, on this play, the return was supposed to be back up the middle, but based on how everybody was, I was basically out there running around trying to make a play. Most of the credit really goes to Trent for getting that first block because he really set everything up.

Finding a Seam: When I was cutting back across the field, I just saw a lane. When you're inside the helmet, you don't see everything. That's why I try to look around as much as possible on punt returns to see what lanes are open. On that play, I just simply saw a lane and hit it.

Bring in the Oxygen: As you can see on the last stretch, I was pretty hurt on it.

Finding Paydirt: When I made that first move (at the 30-yard line) and I cut across the field, I felt like it was going to go. I saw the last guy and I couldn't let him tackle me, so that's why I switched the ball over and gave him a stiff arm. Somehow I broke the tackle and I just kept on going.

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