Franklin: 'Let's go bowling'

Aug. 20, 2011

Franklin's Bowling Surprise | Preseason Blog | Franklin's Fundamentals

Studying the playbook, hitting the weight room, and practicing in brutal heat can drain the psyche.

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That's why coaches like to mix it up during the grueling days of preseason camp to keep players both mentally and physically fresh.

On Friday, the final day of two-a-days, head coach James Franklin decided to do just that.

The Commodores had already been through an intense morning session followed by team and position meetings when Franklin brought the group together for what was supposed to be one final talk before evening practice.

Franklin started the meeting by saying he wasn't satisfied with his team's body language earlier in the day.

"You guys have to learn to trust the process," the coach said with a straight face. "If we say we want to win, to go from 2-10 to wherever the hell we're going, then we have to trust the process."

Franklin then decided to let them in on the change of plans.

"That's why I will decide if we're going to practice 24 periods, or whether we're going bowling. Let's go bowling," Franklin exclaimed while racing down the middle aisle.

Pandemonium ensued. Players jumped out of their chairs, chanted the fight song, and loaded the buses for two hours of recreational fun at Strike and Spare Family Fun Center.

Watch how the whole surprise went down here. Two notes on the video-- first, you'll see what happens when the enemy enters Commodore territory. Also, you won't want to miss the ending after the credits.



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