NINE-from-NINE: Hal grabs his first of two interceptions against Tennessee

Aug 15, 2013

Vanderbilt had a historic season in 2012, finishing 9-4 overall and winning the Music City Bowl. The nine wins were the most by a Vanderbilt team since 1915. In the coming weeks, will relive each win by highlighting one play from every game. To get a better understanding of the play, we watched each highlight with the featured player and had him take us through the moment.

Hal with his First of Two Interceptions Against Tennessee

Nov. 17, 2012
Vanderbilt 41, Tennessee 18
Nashville, Tenn.

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The game would turn into a 41-18 route, but before Vanderbilt's contest with Tennessee became lopsided, there were a handful of key plays that helped turn the momentum in Vanderbilt's favor.

And Andre Hal's first of two interceptions against the Vols was definitely one of them.

With Vanderbilt trailing 7-6, Hal read the route and picked off Justin Worley's pass attempt on third-and-14 from the Tennessee 46-yard line late in the second quarter. Hal returned the interception 36 yards to the 17-yard line, and the Commodores would follow with their first touchdown of the game, giving Vanderbilt a 13-7 lead.

Hal's interception marked the second straight series in which a Tennessee offensive possession ended with an interception. On the previous series, Tyler Bray was intercepted by Johnell Thomas when his pass was tipped at the line of scrimmage. Thomas' interception led to a field goal.

Hal would add his second interception of the game in the third quarter when he picked off Tyler Bray.

In His Words
Hal Breaks it Down

Man-to-Man: I think we ran Philly ... and Philly is an all-out blitz. Everybody mans up; it is zero coverage with no help. I knew they were going to come out fast because we had a blitz coming at them. I just read the three step and I broke on it. I saw him throwing the ball before the wide receiver even broke.

All About Film Study: Just from watching film and knowing what our play call was, I was able to recognize what they were doing. I knew they were going to come out fast, so I knew that I had to be on my toes.

Trying to Play it Safe: They took (Tyler) Bray out and I figured they were going to try and come up with an easy quick hitch, and I read it and jumped it.

Slow Motion: On an interception, it is like everything slows down. I see the ball and I just focus on catching it and I just try to run with it and I try to score. That's what they teach us: slow everything down, catch the ball first and then try to score instead of thinking about scoring and then catching the ball because usually you drop it.

The Second Interception: We were in Cover 2, but I kind of tried to disguise it and act like we were in Cover 3, so I played off a little bit. I saw the tight end run a hitch and I knew the corner was on the other receiver, so I just turned around and went and got the ball.

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