Under the Helmet: Fitz Lassing

Aug 14, 2013

I'm from Nashville and I actually never thought I was going to come to Vanderbilt. It was too close to home, but it ended up working out. It came down to here and Stanford, and the night before signing day Vandy called and offered me, so it kind of made my decision for me.

My parents told me that if I went to Vandy they would treat me like I was away and wouldn't barge into my dorm room. I had to take the offer and don't regret it at all. It's actually been pretty convenient, but they stay out of my hair so you got to give my parents some credit: they are doing a pretty good job.

If I could play with anyone in the pros right now, it would probably be Aaron Rodgers. He seems pretty cool, especially after playing with his brother. Or someone who is pretty entertaining, like Marshawn Lynch.

When I was a kid I pretended to be Brett Favre. He was my favorite player. I went to Disney World and had my face put on a magazine with Favre on the cover. I was pretty obsessed with him as a kid; not really sure why.

If I wasn't playing football, I would probably just be going to college as a student. I played basketball and ran track in high school, but I wasn't good at either of those sports.

I love playing against Tennessee. Growing up here there were a lot of UT fans that got excited when they would beat Vandy, and it happened a lot. But now we have kind of turned that around, so it's been fun.

I'm not hugely superstitious before games. I put my iPod on shuffle so it's not the same every time. Pregame meals are the same every time because they feed us in the hotel.

Players that need to gain weight have to come down before dinner for pregame snacks. I had to do that my freshman and sophomore years. Gaining weight is not as exciting as you think it is. Once you hit a wall it's pretty painful.

There are a lot of jokesters in the locker room. It's usually the older guys that are messing with each other.

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