Get to know Chris Marve

Aug. 14, 2008

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Chris Marve
Redshirt freshman
No. 13
6-0/225 lbs.
Memphis, Tenn. (White Station High School)
Major: Sociology and Human and Organizational Development

Marve on football:

What's your favorite thing about playing linebacker?

At linebacker you get to hit every play, most of the time. That's my favorite thing about football, you get to hit. I love contact. It's just an adrenaline rush. I just love the game.

What do you bring to the field/your best asset?

I like to play aggressive. I like to get downhill. I just like to hit. I believe at linebacker you have to love contact, and that's my favorite thing about football.

Personal goals for the season?

My goals are to win. That's the main goal as a team, whatever we do is a team effort. We do it all together, whatever it takes to win. That's my goal for the season.

Personal expectations for the season?

I just want to play as well as I can, listen to my coaches and succeed in whatever they want me to do.

Potential for an all-Memphis linebacking core (Marve, DeAndre Jones and John Stokes) -- what do you think about that?

I never thought about that, but that is an interesting concept. If it just so happens to work out like that, I'd love to have an all-Memphis linebacking core. Whoever the coaches pick, I'll be glad to play with them.

What'd you learn from your travels with the team as a redshirt freshman?

I got to travel to some places where I've never been before. I had experiences in stadiums I've only seen on TV or on video games. It was a good experience, because I won't be as in awe when I go this year or in the following years.

How do you prepare yourself to bring your intensity and aggressiveness to the field?

You just have to play confidently. You have to play with a sense of urgency. You have to have an attitude about yourself. You have to play football.

Off the field:

What class(es) is/are you looking forward to taking this semester?

I'm looking forward to taking sociology. I'm double majoring in sociology and human and organizational development, so I'm looking forward to my classes this fall.

Why sociology?

Because I love people. I love to work with people, learn about people, interactions in life and stuff like that.

His opinion:

Nashville vs. Memphis:

Round 1 - barbecue

"I'd have to say that Memphis has the better barbecue."

Round 2 - music

"Nashville has a wider variety of music, but I like them both."

Winner -

"Well, I consider Nashville my second home, Memphis my first. I like both cities. I can't complain about either."

Favorite NFL team: Pittsburgh Steelers; I love Troy Polamalu. He's my favorite player in the NFL. I was raised a Steelers fans. That's my dad's team.

Favorite type of music: I like all music. I can't say I have a favorite artist, but I listen to all music. I'm a big fan of it all.

Best place to eat in Nashville: Monell's

Best summer blockbuster: "The Dark Knight" - I liked the Joker's role in the movie. It was acted out very well. Heath Ledger had talent.

Favorite hobby: I like to play football.

What I do in my free time: I like to spend time with my family. I like to go home when I get a chance to. I also like to play video games.



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