Players only: 2012 team poll

Aug. 13, 2012

Preseason Blog

Let's face it, there is a lot of mostly useless information out there that people consume each day. So why not add a little more random information into your back pocket in the form of Vanderbilt's football team? recently conducted an unscientific poll of 20 members of the team to determine answers to such pressing questions as: Who on the team is most likely to become President of the United States? And, who would win an eating competition?

Insignificant in the grand scheme of things, yes, but entertaining, absolutely. Who knows the next time this information might come in handy when you are watching a Vanderbilt game with a friend.

Included in the poll were Karl Butler, Andrew East, Eddie Foster, Josh Grady, Andre Hal, Richard Kent, Jonathan Krause, Rob Lohr, Jared Morse, Colt Nichter, Warren Norman, Marc Panu, Trent Pruitt, Spencer Pulley, Ryan Seymour, Carey Spear, Jimmy Stewart, Joe Townsend, Trey Wilson, Kyle Woestmann.

If the math does not appear right for a few answers, don't waste your time dusting off your addition skills. The numbers don't always equal 20 because some players were unable to come up with an answer to certain questions and others chose multiple teammates for their answers.

In the end, there were a lot of laughs shared by those who participated and a plethora of useless information for you to enjoy.



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