Submit a motivating video for the team

Aug. 10, 2011

Submit a Video Link

Since arriving on campus, Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin has attacked each day with a passion, instilling discipline and enthusiasm into the program. Part of Franklin's passion has also been directed at connecting with the fane base. From attending multiple speaking engagements to holding an impromptu luncheon with fans and everything in between, Franklin has made a conscious effort to reach the Commodore faithful.

Now Franklin is asking fans to help he and his coaching staff inspire and motivate the team by submitting short video clips that the program can show to players throughout preseason camp.

The captivating video or movie clips can be about football, sports, business, life, leadership, triumph, etc.

From the list of submissions, the staff will select the clip of their choice, and show it to the team. The person to submit the selected video will receive a prize. If multiple individuals submit the selected clip, the person who submitted the clip first will win.

To submit a clip, click here and fill out the form with your name and e-mail as well as the links to the video clips of your choice. Place your links in the box that asks, "How would you like to connect with the Commodores?"



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