Under the Helmet: Javon Marshall

July 24, 2013

I started playing football in sixth grade. I guess I'm a little later than some guys. Some started playing when they were five.

When I was little, I pretended to be Ed Reed or Sean Taylor, and a little bit of Ray Lewis.

If I wasn't playing football, I have no idea what I'd be doing. Sports-wise, I would probably run track. Even though basketball was my first love, I'd probably run track. I would've had fun running. You can see I didn't grow tall enough to be a basketball player.

I watch football all the time. I don't have a favorite team to watch. I just watch all of them. I do like to go back to the past and watch the 2000 Miami Hurricanes.

If I could play with anyone in the NFL it would be between playing with San Francisco with Patrick Willis and, I know [Dashon] Goldson left already, but also Donte Whitner. Just playing with them. Or I'd be with the Texans playing with Ed Reed for his last few years of playing football. I also like Baltimore and Green Bay. I know so many people who play for Green Bay now.

I don't think he needs to calm down, it's just his personality, but Karl Butler is so funny. He's just naturally funny. He could be on a comedy DVD, and it would probably sell a lot.

People mess with Big Barron Dixon all the time. He just talks so fast; you don't understand what he's saying. He'll say something and everyone says, `Barron, what did you just say?' Barron is probably the guy we mess with the most.

Since freshman year, Eric Samuels and I were roommates when we traveled. Bobby Johnson was the coach at the time and Eric and I roomed together everywhere we traveled. When Coach Franklin came, Eric and I traveled, but this year, it'll be someone new. It'll be a little bit different, but I'm cool with all the guys on the team, so it's not going to be that much different.

Anybody wearing a white jersey in practice on the offense I like to tackle. You kind of like when they're intimidated or they don't want to be hit by you. It's like, `watch out for him. You don't want to be hit by him.' I'm not that big so when you get recognition that's cool.

Before I step on the field, it's like a whole new person takes over me, and the passion for the game comes out. I just relax and whatever comes, comes.

Before a game, I really eat as much as possible. It's like I have an endless pit in my stomach before we eat. For the pregame meal, some guys just eat a little bit and some guys eat a lot. I usually have two or three plates before I go out there and play.



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