‪Franklin awards fan with prize during live chat‬

July 20, 2011

Commodores Connect

Football head coach James Franklin spent an hour answering questions Wednesday in his first live chat on VUcommodores.com.

While we couldn't get to every one of them, we'd like to thank fans for their tremendous interest in the event. We received more than 200 questions.

Franklin made special note of Wes Gunter's question and awarded him a prize in a video message.

Wes asked, "Glad to have you on board coach! You have done great things thus far and for that we (as fans) are very grateful! My question: With the depth that you currently have for the 2011 season, how do you address fatigue during a game/season? As all of us fans know, we are generally a solid 2-3 quarter team, but fall apart as the game progresses. Can this be addressed with conditioning or do we just need more capable bodies to rotate in and out?"

Coach responded, "That is a great question. You are correct from studying previous games and previous seasons and what we went through this spring. The answer is a combination of both. We need to be in great shape physically and mentally and we have to be smart about how we practice. We have to make it to the games as sharp as we can. It is probably our biggest challenge. We also have to be willing to play young players so that we can stay fresh."

If you missed the chat, you can read an archive of the transcript by clicking here.

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