Franklin live chat archived

July 20, 2011

Franklin awards prize during live chat  |  Commodores Connect

Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin fielded questions from fans for one hour Wednesday afternoon during his first live chat on

Franklin touched on a number of subjects throughout the live chat. The complete archive of the chat is below.

Here is a sampling of a few questions and answers.

What type of offense will the team run this year?

Multiple. We are going to play to our strengths. Based on this spring we have an idea of what that is going to be, but we are still going to be developing that into camp. We have so many new players coming in that we are still trying to determine their role, but what we will be is multiple and aggressive.

With the depth that you currently have for the 2011 season, how do you address fatigue during a game/season? As all of us fans know, we are generally a solid 2-3 quarter team, but fall apart as the game progresses. Can this be addressed with conditioning or do we just need more capable bodies to rotate in and out?

That is a great question. You are correct from studying previous games and previous seasons and what we went through this spring. The answer is a combination of both. We need to be in great shape physically and mentally and we have to be smart about how we practice. We have to make it to the games as sharp as we can. It is probably our biggest challenge. We also have to be willing to play young players so that we can stay fresh.

What message would you like to say to fans who are on the fence about purchasing season tickets?

In the brief time that we have been on campus since Dec. 17, I think my staff and the administration have shown enough signs of commitment and change that I would make the argument for people to take the leap of faith and join us this season.

What are some of your ideas to making this offense be at the top of the SEC instead of the bottom of the SEC?

Throw it deep, go for it on fourth down, fake a punt, fake a field goal, trick plays, onside kicks and players who aren't afraid to make a mistake.

What would you say to the fans, that feel the academic pride of the `Dores and want that to continue? Will you make sure we graduate our boys in black and gold?

Education and our integrity as an institution will never be jeopardized. But that does not mean that we will settle for not being successful on the field either. You can have it all in life, and Vanderbilt can provide it.



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