Quick Slant: Signing Day web traffic among nation's best

Feb. 14, 2014

Quick Slant is an array of brief insights and occasionally opinionated overviews of collegiate athletics in general and the Vanderbilt Commodores in particular.

Pardon our pride in pointing out that Vanderbilt finished 11th overall on the CBS Sports College Network for page views on National Signing Day and 18th for unique browsers. With a smaller alumni and fan base than many of the mammoth state schools, that our site would be so active is a tribute to a dedicated communications team led by Larry Leathers, Brandon Barca, Ryan Schulz and video staffers Steven Parks, Wes Whaley and Lacey Ballard, who worked hard to provide interesting content.

We live in a society that apparently must pinpoint someone to blame for everything not perfect. There were some guys on the radio blaming our very good sales and marketing staff for the Tennessee men's basketball game not being sold out. While we appreciate them for agreeing with us that the game "deserved" to be played before a capacity crowd, they seemed compelled to isolate the blame for the less than full house on a convenient and familiar scapegoat rather than take into consideration several strong and worrisome national trends, such as the overall drop in student attendance. So like many issues, it's a mix of things but it is a lot easier and apparently feels better to just blame one.

One of our all-time favorites - baseball's Jensen Lewis - called the other day. The former Commodore and Major League pitcher has hung up his glove and turned to his lifetime passion - broadcasting for his beloved Cleveland Indians. At age 29, he's just gaining traction but already he is on the Tribe's pre and postgame shows for Cleveland's Fox affiliate and working into backup roles on the radio and television broadcast teams. He is also going to write for rotowire.com., a fantasy game site. Jensen stays close to Vanderbilt athletics, has an active Twitter account and with his smarts and terrific people skills, he is destined for stardom.

There's good news for those who may worry about conditions under which your food is prepared. The Health Department dropped in at our recent men's Tennessee basketball game for inspections of Memorial Gymnasium's concessions areas. A total of 20 stands averaged 99.2%.

Speaking of food, anyone know if that orange painted fire hydrant in front of Bricktops has gotten a facelift yet?



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