Quick Slant: Take advantage of early bird pricing

Feb. 7, 2014

Quick Slant is an array of brief insights and occasionally opinionated overviews of collegiate athletics in general and the Vanderbilt Commodores in particular.

We develop tin ears to "great deals" as we are bombarded with them on a daily basis, often by folks wanting to sell what we don't want. That said, we believe we have something you DO want to buy - 2014 football season tickets. Some of you are thinking "that's six or seven months away, I'll wait." That's your decision but the deal being offered now to buy new or renewed season tickets before the Black and Gold Spring Game April 13 is a sweet one.

Not only do fans get the tickets at last year's price for an eight-game home schedule that includes Ole Miss, South Carolina, Florida and Tennessee but there is a long list of prize incentives for those that do. Sure, you can wait, but it will cost you some money and a chance to win one of a dozen prizes.

One of our great sources of pride is to see former student-athletes move on to shine in the real world. One example that just came across our desk is that of former football defensive back Anthony Azama, who played under Gerry DiNardo nearly 20 years ago. Azama is the Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing, Sales and Licensing at Miami University and was recently recognized for his years of service to the Oxford Chamber of Commerce. He had been the chamber's chair the past two years.

Recruiting is vital but is there a more over-hyped national event than football's national signing day?

Those who bought tickets to watch our men's basketball team despite preseason predictions of rough sledding are enjoying some of the most fun and exciting games in a long time. With all due respect to Billy Donovan's talented, third-rated Gators, is there any doubt that Coach Stallings is getting more from his guys than anyone else is getting from theirs?

We hosted a high school indoor track and field last weekend that attracted nearly 600 participants from seven states and produced several national Top 10 efforts.



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