Vanderbilt-UMass postgame quotes

Oct. 27, 2012

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Vanderbilt-UMass Postgame Quotes
October 27, 2012 Vanderbilt Stadium - Nashville, Tenn.

Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin
Opening Comments:
"It's good to enjoy a win... I do think we're making progress as a program. When you score 49 points and win 49-7 and you're not happy and know you can play better, that means you're making progress... Defensively, we got turnovers, which I thought was important... We got [Brian] Kimbrow in and he made plays."

"I really appreciate the fans who came early and stayed late. We have a good core of fans and I am thankful for them."

On Vanderbilt DB Trey Wilson:
"He finds a way, once he gets the ball, to get into the end zone. The fact that we [also] had a punt return for a touchdown - that's progress. We have a long way to go as a program, but we're making progress."

On Vanderbilt QB Jordan Rodgers:
"I thought he played the way he has been playing the last couple of weeks - managing the game well and doing what we ask of him."

On the Injury to Vanderbilt RB Zac Stacy:
"He could have come back. We didn't feel like we needed to do that. We need him down the stretch... He's got an injury. I would say it's below the waist."

On Vanderbilt RB Wesley Tate:
"He's running well and hard, which he's been doing all season long."

On Vanderbilt RB Brian Kimbrow:
"He can make a guy miss. I'm glad for him to have success. We have to make sure we protect the ball. Brian and Austyn [Carter-Samuels fumbled], which is a shame because our defense would have had a shutout without that."

On Younger Players Getting Defensive Reps:
"I would have liked to get more, but I'm pleased with it. We have a guy who is doing a nice job and has a great attitude: Casey Hughes. He's a good kid... He's a great example for everyone."

Vanderbilt Players

Senior Cornerback Trey Wilson
On if his interception will be one of the easier ones he'll make:
"He looked right at me and when he threw it, I was just like, `let's go.' The defensive line did a great job getting pressure. I am blessed with the best teammates in the world. They do a great job of putting me in a position to make plays and I just have to take advantage of the opportunities I get."

On teams not throwing his direction:
"I was just talking to Brandon Banks at the hotel last night about how few opportunities we get because we have such talented corners. When we get opportunities we have to take advantage of them and that was one of the few we actually got. When you get the gifts, you have to take advantage of them."

Senior Defensive Tackle Rob Lohr
On the team's play against the run:
"I think we're making progress. Anytime you can limit the run and make them throw the ball, it's good. It allows you to be more free with the pass rush and get more pressure on the quarterback. They work hand-in-hand."

On having UMass backed up in its own end zone for much of the night:
"Any time you get a team backed up towards their own end zone, you want to get off the ball and try to make a play in the backfield. We were able to do that tonight and I think we're making progress. If the D-Line keeps playing like we're playing, the more success we'll have."

On if the team was more opportunistic tonight:
"I think we did a good job of that tonight. We focused on it all week, as far as creating turnovers and stripping the ball and going after the ball like the play Trey (Wilson) made. It paid off because we were able to do that tonight. It's just a matter of keeping it up and progressing."

Senior Quarterback Jordan Rodgers
On if tonight was as sharp as he's been:
"Yes, but I should have been better. I missed a couple (easy passes). That's what we strive to be in the quarterback room. We talk about completion percentage and we harped on it all last season. That's the kind of production we need from this team to be consistent on offense. That's just me getting the ball out of my hands and guys making plays. The incompletions and penalties are what kill drives, so it was good to have a lot of completions tonight."

On why all the penalties early in the game:
"Lack of focus, but we can't do that. We've been harping on starting fast and we come out like that. I don't even know how many penalties we had on the first drive, but it killed us. It killed a few drives, so we just have to be more mentally sharp."

On his touchdown to Kris Kentera:
"It's a play we've had for a while, but haven't had the opportunity to run it. UMass actually gave us the exact look that we saw against Wake Forest last year when we hit Barden on it. Good for Kris to get open like that because they brought pressure and the offensive line was able to pick it all up. It's good to have one of those plays we draw up and work exactly like we thought it would."

UMass Head Coach Charley Molnar
Opening Statement:
"It was very disappointing the way our team played in the second half. At the beginning of the game, I thought our defense really played strong right to about the two-minute mark of the first half. I thought we were going into the locker room with a 7-0 lead and similar to a week ago and then seeing how we were going to come back out the second half. They got the touchdown right there at the end and then we fumbled the kickoff and it turned 21-0 and it made it very difficult for our football team to comeback under those circumstances.

On the team:
"I believe that our team is going in the right direction. The scoreboard doesn't always show it, but I believe it. As I told the football team, I know where we came from, I know where we are and I know where we're going. It's a slower journey than I had would ever possibly want it to be, and it's disappointing to me but I'm not discouraged."

On the penalties early in the game:
"We just have some guys that are very young, when the defense is jumping around and moving like most defenses do, they're jumpy, they're flinchy. I can't take them out of the game too much because I don't have anybody to really replace them with, so I've got to live with those guys and hope that as they get more experienced they become more poised."



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