Vanderbilt-Missouri postgame quotes

Oct. 6, 2012

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Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin
On the road win:
"Obviously when you can go on the road and win in the SEC, it's very important. I think what is important for us is that our team found a way to win a tough one. Adversity hit us there when they scored late in the game on third and 22. I think the ball actually came out of his hand and I don't think that was who he was really throwing it to, but we were able to fight through it and find a way to overcome it once again. So to be able to do that on the road and against a team that's won a bunch of games in the last 12 years, I'm really proud of our kids. It feels great to go into that locker room with them and I know how hard they work. And that's everybody. That's the administration, that's the trainers, the equipment men. That's a great win for all of us."

On Zac Stacy:
"The way Zac (Stacy) ran there at the end of the game to ensure the first down was a big time run. It shows offensively, defensively, and with special teams that we execute with a plan. It makes me real proud when at four minutes you see a guy break a tackle, runs on the sideline and slides to keep the clock moving. That's a well-coached four-minute plan."

On the defense:
"I love to see that our defense, at a critical time there at the end of the game, was able to get pressure on the quarterback. I'm glad that Bob (Shoop, defensive coordinator) and the defensive staff kept attacking the quarterback and didn't play bend, but don't break and play not to lose. They went after them and I think that was important as well."

On team pride:
"Really proud of our coaches, really proud of our kids and everyone that came and supported us and believed in us and stuck with us. Because like I've mentioned before, we are getting better every single day. Great win for us and looking forward to getting back to Nashville."

On chances and trick plays:
"You're looking to see if you have them first. You run the first play and you're looking to see how they're defending. (Missouri) started to pursue like crazy. They were running to the ball extremely well. Their defense played very hard. I thought their defensive line was very active. What we tried to do is use that against them. We were having a hard time with the point of attack. They were flowing so hard to the play so getting some misdirection, reverse, and halfback passes used some of their aggression against them."

On the defense on the last drive:
"It was very important. I think the last three plays we called the same blitz, got right in the quarterback's face. Now with the new rules it's a fine line. They're right there and you know they're not going to get to them when they put their hands up to bat the ball down, but you don't know how they're going to call that. If you try to bat the ball down, there might be some contact, so just the way they call the game now makes me nervous in situations like this."

Vanderbilt Players

S Javon Marshall
On Mizzou QB Franklin getting hurt:
"It was a big impact. The second quarterback had to come in. It's always tough for the second quarterback to come in and just get the flow of the game. I imagine Franklin got most of the reps during the week. But (Berkstresser) did a great job. He came in and ran the offense. They're a good team, so they gave us a good challenge."

On the pressure of Vanderbilt's defensive line:
"The defensive line did good today. I know Coach Franklin has challenged both the offensive and defensive line. And as you know, in the SEC, the games are won in the trenches. You can't do anything without your lineman and they did a great job of attacking, getting pressure and opening up gaps for linebackers to blitz. They also did a great job of putting their hands up when the quarterback was passing the ball. I know we had a couple deflections, so that takes pressure off your DBs. They just helped the overall defense as a whole."

On Mizzou's 85-yard touchdown:
"It really is one of those plays where you see the quarterback aiming for a different target and the pass just went over No. 2 and he ended up hitting No. 1. It's just one of those plays, but we bounced back. The team had our back. Our offense had our back. They came out and they moved the ball and they ended up getting a field goal. At the end, Zac's (Stacy) run was spectacular. That goes off to the offensive line - the trenches again."

RB Zac Stacy
On the last third-down run:
"It was just one of those situations that we go over almost every day - four-minute situations. I knew I had to get the first down and got it and knew I had to stay inbounds. It was a great way to end the game. I was pretty determined on the run. I just wanted to get the game over with. We played pretty good so again, it was just one of those situations where knowing the situation helps get the job done when your name is called."

On being nervous during his halfback pass:
"I just had to make the play. It's just one of those things when you're number's called and you have to make the play. Jordan [Rodgers] did a great job of just catching the ball, and I did a great job of throwing it to him. It's just a little wrinkle we have in our offense."

On the special teams' impact on the win:
"It was very important. The defense played a great game tonight. They gave us a lot of opportunities as far as the offense getting the ball. The special teams played really great as well. Richard Kent did a heck of a job giving the guys great field position for the defense. It was a great win tonight. We're going to go in and watch the tape so we can fix a couple of things. We have an even bigger challenge next week."

P Richard Kent
On his ability to control field position:
"It's nice to know that you have an effect on the game. Sometimes, like two weeks ago, I don't think I had one punt. So, it was nice to be able to contribute to my team's performance."

On the importance of his punting in this close game:
"Every game's the same. You go out there, and you take it six seconds at a time. Every time I get on the field, I have to do my best and my guys have to cover their best that they can. No game is more important than the other. No play is more important than the next. We have to do our best every time."

Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel

Opening Statement:
"Certainly we're disappointed. First of all give credit to Vanderbilt. Congratulations to them. They did the things necessary to win. Obviously I'm very disappointed. We made a lot of mistakes. If we eliminate the mistakes we would have had a better chance to win the football game."

On Corbin Berkstresser's performance:
"It's a difficult situation to be in. He's a young player. It's not easy. He'll learn from it and get better. Throwing a redshirt freshman out there is tough. He did some good things and certainly has to improve."

On the touchdown pass to Sasser:
"It was huge. We missed the extra point but still had an opportunity. They had a couple of big plays. They hit almost everyone they tried. We held them to a field goal and still had a chance to win it. We drove it down and just got stalled out."

On the message to the team:
"It's just difficult. I don't think there's any magic (answer) there. Our guys work hard, they battle, and they fight. We just have to get back tomorrow and get back to work. It's pretty consistent how we do things. Our guys are very competitive and they want to win and be successful. I've been here before and we don't like it. But we have to get back to work and that's what we'll do."

On the morale of the players:
"They're competitors. They're frustrated and angry, and they should be. They want to win and be successful. This is not the fun part of playing or coaching. How we handle it will be the most important thing. We're going to get back to work. A lot of guys are frustrated and that's good. We're going to wipe ourselves off and get going. I've been here. We're not going to sit around and feel sorry for ourselves."

Missouri Player Quotes

QB Corbin Berkstresser
On team chemistry:
"We need to definitely come together, be as a team. We have to focus on being one. Next week we have to focus on coming out as one and not separate."

On Franklin's injury:
"I'm hopeful about James. I know he's a tough kid and will do whatever he can to make an impact. But I'll do whatever I can too, even if I have to start."

On if he is thinking about starting against Alabama next week:
"No, not really. I'm not really thinking about that right now. I'm just going to see what I can do to get better from this and if I'm starting next week I'll do what I can to prepare like I have so far."

DB Kip Edwards
On the feel in the locker room:
"It's quiet, you don't hear anybody talking. It hurts."

On frustration within the team:
"Frustration? No, I don't think there's any frustration when we've got a game next week. So I don't see any frustration, but we've got to come out, practice well on Tuesday and get a win next Saturday."

On his interception in the game:
"Oh I just saw him eyeing my guy down. I bailed off, I picked it, and the D-line was blocking for me. I should've scored."

DL Kony Ealy
On defensive frustration with offensive struggles:
"We've just got to execute our plays. You can't get frustrated with anybody else. You've just got to do your job."

On what caused the loss:
"It's a long game and we didn't hold them down. It's not about all of the extra stuff. We've got to finish, that's what we didn't do."



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