Vanderbilt - Missouri postgame quotes

Oct. 5, 2013

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Vanderbilt Stadium
October 5, 2013

Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin

Opening Comments:

"I apologize to the fans and the people who came to the game. That's not what you came to see. It's my responsibility to have the team ready to play. Our offense came out and started with some three-and-outs and a turnover. Our offense and defense - we got beat up front. [Missouri] was lined up in Cover 2 and were able to stop the run and stop the pass... We couldn't put pressure on their quarterback... James Franklinis a good quarterback. They have a nice scheme."

On Vanderbilt's Defense:
"We are running the same defense we've run for the last three years."

On Vanderbilt's Linebacking Core:

"We need to take a look at our personnel... [We might have to] play younger guys or different guys. We have issues at certain positions."

On Missouri Quarterback James Franklin:
"He is a great quarterback. He is an exceptional athlete... [We] couldn't pressure the quarterback... You have to frustrate him before he goes through his progressions, and we weren't able to do that."

On Vanderbilt Wide Receiver Jordan Matthews' First Half:
"[Missouri was] rushing three or four and were able to put pressure on our quarterback. They could stop the run and drop eight... When you can't run the ball against Cover 2, it's going to be a long night."

On Vanderbilt's Bye Week:
"It comes at a great time... We have to recruit like crazy because there are holes in our roster that are showing up right now. We're 0-1 this week. We'd like to be 1-0 next game."

Vanderbilt QB Austyn Carta-Samuels

On getting desperate early:

"You know, whether we're up 21 points or down 21 points nothing really changes with us. Our coaches keep us focused on one play at a time, one drive at a time. People think we just stay it to the media, but it's truly what we preach in the huddle and behind closed doors. So tonight, the scoreboard never affected us. Never affected the way the defense played, never effected the way the offense played. You obviously have to factor in the score in terms of your play calling, but it doesn't change our mood, our discipline, or the way we approach each down."

On pressure with just 3 or 4 down linemen:
"They have a really great defensive front. I have so much respect for the front, because a lot of their success doesn't come from moves right off the line, they just have guys like Walker [May] and Caleb [Azubike], and the guys on our D-line that just want it and want it really badly. They dropped eight into coverage and it took a lot of time to go through progressions, and those three just worked as hard as they could. Part of them dropping eight into coverage was allowing more time for their defensive line to work, and that really helped them be successful. We'll have to look at the tapes, but that's all I can speak about is what went on on the field. I just know I love the guys in front of me, and I wouldn't trade them for anybody in the world... and if we had some miscommunications or issues tonight, I promise it'll get a lot better, because nobody has more pride in it then I do and them."

On anything you can try over the next two weeks to remedy this:
"I'm not concerned about it. You look at 470 yards of offense in a loss, and there is a lot of good in that bad. There is a lot of good in that number, and there is a lot of mistakes we left on the field. So I really could care less."

On concern with record:
"This guy (referring to Matthews) is right when he said, `You're only as good as your last week,' and right now, we're 0-1. That's why our demeanor is this way. But, tomorrow will be different. We'll be 0-0, looking forward to a week where we can improve. We'll have another week to get ready for Georgia, and with that, have an opportunity to be 1-0."

On team confidence:
"I doubt the first thing we think about is how confident we are. For me, I'm just disappointed that we lost--I think the team is that way. You try to erase it and throw it in the back of your head and say 'it's over,' but the fact of the matter is, if you don't go to sleep tonight thinking about this game and the fact that we lost, you got to gut check, because you have to think about the fact that we worked very, very hard to get to this point and to be successful, and we were unsuccessful tonight. So, I think it's fine to think about a loss, think about why we lost and to try to improve upon it. That's really our mentality and that's how we're always going to approach it."

Vanderbilt DE Walker May

On getting Missouri's Punter on the field:

"As a defensive line we have to step up and just make negative-yard plays, we have to get people off schedule. I didn't do it and some of the other defensive line didn't do it either. I'm a senior and I'm on the defensive line so I am going to take responsibility for it. We are going to get back to work tomorrow and we will be working very hard to get back to it."

On a team having so much success against Vanderbilt:
"Yes, it surprises me. We go out every game thinking we are going to win. I mean James Franklin did a heck of a job throwing the ball tonight and they did a good job of running the ball. They are a good team. It's hard but I mean we got to just step it up on the defensive line, really make plays and get them off schedule."

On bye week to get back on the same page:
"We are going to start tomorrow and we are all going to come hungry tomorrow and ready to work. Coach is going to do a great job with us and our coaching staff is going to do a great job with us. We have no doubt in them, we just have to make it happen on the field from a standpoint of us as players, from our perspective and make plays."

On what happened during the week that caused things to get off track:
"I just know on the defensive line we just have to get off fast and go make negative yard plays, and we didn't do that. Missouri was able to stay on track - three yards here, three yards there and they were able to keep going and keep moving the chains. We just have to make them get off track and we didn't, I take responsibility for that."

Vanderbilt WR Jordan Matthews

On frustrating first half:

"I can't speak individually, I think as a unit we just wanted to come out of the half better. Whether they are dropping eight or they are widening me out, we just want to do better and we are going to do better."

On career receiving yards record for Vanderbilt and touchdown passes:
"It doesn't matter. I only think about the next six seconds so not right now."

On level of resolve to get better:
"We are 0-1 but tomorrow we are going to be back 0-0. I don't want to talk about bye weeks, I don't believe in bye weeks because I believe every day is a game. We got 2-3 games in practice, that's where you win the games. We want to come out here and execute early on and you got to do it in practice. Nobody is going to hang their heads, you talk about confidence, we got confidence. We are not worried about moral or anything, you should be upset about a game like this where you don't come out and play the way you should play but at the same time everybody in the locker room believes in each other. We know we are not going to put our heads down, we are going to learn from it. We are going to come back tomorrow and we are going to get better. We are going to come back next week, there is no bye week so you can mark the game down as Vanderbilt versus Vanderbilt. We are going to focus on us, we are going to get better. That is what I have to say about it."

Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel

Opening Comments:

"I think we came out great with high energy and I think our players were ready to get into league play. It wasn't a perfect performance, but we did a lot of good things. There are always areas to improve. I'm very proud of our football team and we have to get back to grinding. I don't think we've played our best game yet, and I think the players know that too."

On the first half:
"We started off fast. When you get a lead, the key is holding onto that lead and focus. We have to get better at handling those situations. I thought it was really good, I thought we played real well the first half. In the second half the defense struggled a little bit in the third quarter."

On the defense:
"We work on that a lot. That interception we had was huge--the time, where the ball ended up and the field position we had with it. Every defense in the nation wants turnovers and they all work hard at it. Sometimes it gets contagious and you make things happen."

On the tight ends/receivers:
"We are fortunate we have guys out there making plays. There's not magic out there, you have to make plays. James Franklin throws them to them and they make the plays."

On the team as a whole:
"I think I have some special guys here. Does that mean we are going to win every game? We are going to try and win every game, but I like this team and I've liked it before, but we can certainly get better."

On having Franklin as veteran QB:
"James has been around a little bit. If he had stayed healthy last year, he would have played like this. This doesn't surprise me. I loved him last year. I'm very proud of him on how he is playing and how he is competing. He is playing with some of the best quarterbacks, I think it's fair to say that. I'm very happy for him. Guys like that really feed off that, but you have to have a guy that's good enough to distribute to the right people at the right time or it doesn't work."

On last year compared to this year--improvement of the team from last year:
"If I would have done a better job of coaching, we would have won one more games and gone to a bowl. We had great leadership last year, but when you start losing all those guys and your quarterback is hurt and you're losing close football games, it takes a toll. We battled through it, and if I would have done a better job coaching, we would have won one more game and gone to that bowl. I love this team, I love the leadership, and we need to get back to work."

Missouri WR Eric Waters

On his three receptions:

"It's a testament to great play calling. We executed in our running game which opened up the pass to the outside. It all starts with our offensive line and James [Franklin] and coach for giving me opportunities to make plays. "

On passing to six different receivers:
"That was our normal tempo. We [receivers] are always alert and ready to make a play when our number gets called. Plays that we haven't even had reps on in practice we know that it could still come our way, so we're always ready to go out there and execute."

On fast start:
"We feel like we can beat anybody when we come out like that. Our preparation goes a long way. All the hard work we put in really pays off when we can translate it to the field. We've been putting in weeks of hard work, trying to get to that next level and I think we're getting closer."

On leadership of James Franklin:
"He has something that not a lot of football players have. He does not get flustered too often, and if he does he doesn't show it. He is a great problem solver which is a great trait to have in a quarterback."

On Franklin's performance:
"He executed tonight. Give credit to Vanderbilt, they are a great team despite what the score showed. James just executed, he was on his game plan all night."

Missouri TB Henry Josie

On the effectiveness of the option:

"They were trying to jet [blitz] us on every down, so we took advantage of that and it was a great play for us all game."

On the consistency and effectiveness of the entire Tigers backfield in the run game:
"That's the most important part of our offense, I mean all three of us have to have a good game every game. Just coming out here isn't alright, we have to do something every game."

On individual concerns about the depth chart at his position:
"Not at all, you can see that we're all happy out there we're having fun playing the game, and that we're all doing the same thing. We're doing so well with each other and we're happy doing it. We're a family."

On the effectiveness of the offense in tonight's game, only needing to punt the ball once:
"No, we're better than that. We started off really good, we still haven't played our best game yet and we know it as an offense. It's scary how good we can be if we absolutely finish a game now."

On the importance of Missouri's quick start:
"It's very important. Being self starters is something Coach Pinkel talks about all the time, so coming out and setting the tone early is very important and we were happy with it."

Missouri LB Kentrell Brothers

On the emotions of the Missouri sideline after the games lone interception, which was followed by a 1-play touchdown drive:

"It was good for us. We knew we had to come out fast, you know we've been getting a lot of criticism about the SEC and how we don't belong here and all that, but we jumped out 17-0 real quick. We got to extend our lead but we know that we can't stop, we got to put our foot on the pedal and keep going."

On his reaction to the surprise felt by many to the result of this game:
"The thing is they shouldn't have scored 28, we were giving up some stuff that we have never given up before and we should have stopped them. We know what we're capable of though, our offense came out firing and they got us started."

On how Missouri was able to contain Jordan Matthews:
"He's a phenomenal athlete, there's no way you can actually contain him but there's a way you can slow him down. Every time one of the linebackers lined up on him, we give him an extra little bang and an extra two steps because [Austyn Carta-Samuels] usually looks for him as soon as he gets by the linebackers. So as soon as you give him that bang he can't give it to him."

On the increase of interceptions already made by the Tigers defense this year compared to last year:
"We preach takeaways all the time in practice. You see that we have all these interceptions but we need to get some forced fumbles as well. I'm not complaining about the interceptions. Takeaways equal victories, that's what they always preach and its obviously working for us at 5-0 and we're going to keep on going."

On his interception in the first quarter:
"I kind of baited him into it, I turned around and looked for another receiver because they ran play action, so I'm all the way on the other side of the field. So I run across and I'm looking for somebody behind me that maybe he'll (Austyn Carta-Samuels) dump it off to. I turned around and saw the running back sitting there so I waited for him to throw it and I just picked it off."

On the momentum swing following the interception:
"Oh yeah, I knew we already had the momentum and after that pick everybody was on our side. I didn't hear one Vanderbilt fan, and I heard all the Mizzou fans, our offense came out firing. I just knew that was going to be a momentum changer at that point."



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