Vanderbilt - Austin Peay postgame quotes

Sep 7, 2013

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Vanderbilt-Austin Peay postgame quotes
September 7, 2013
Vanderbilt Stadium

Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin
Opening Comments:
"I appreciate the fans who showed up. I appreciate all of the students who showed up early and stayed late. We started slow and we finished slow. But, we won the game and are happy with the win. I was honest with the team as well. I didn't think we played up to our ability. The bright spot was Jordan Cunningham. He's a young kid who came in and did well. He made tough catches and played with confidence. [Jordan] Matthews and [Jonathan] Krause continued to show up for us."

On Vanderbilt's 35 Points in the Second Quarter:
"We just executed. I don't think our pad level was very good in our offensive line and tight ends [in the first quarter]."

On Vanderbilt Wide Receiver Jordan Cunningham:
"It was partly our quarterbacks being confident enough to go through their reads... A couple of the times, he was the third or fourth progression."

On Vanderbilt's Middle Linebackers:
"[Jake] Sealand started the game. For a while, our defense held [Austin Peay] to under 50 yards of total offense and no first downs. Then, [Darreon] Herring came in and did some nice things."

On Vanderbilt's Backup Quarterbacks:
"Both did some nice things. Patton Robinette showed he was not just a drop-back passer. The fact that we got those two guys reps is good. It's still a weekly competition. No one has exerted themselves as our No. 2."

On Vanderbilt's Performance:
"It was good enough for Austin Peay. Next week, we'll see what's good enough for South Carolina... I'd rather learn and grow with a win."

On Vanderbilt Running Back Brian Kimbrow:
"He has good hands and quickness. He has to protect the football. That's everyone."

On When it Was Time to Substitute in Younger Players:
"I think, `If something happened at this point in the game with these guys, would we regret it?' We're trying to build depth... We still have to stay healthy... We can't just send in a whole No. 2 unit. It's a mix and match."

Vanderbilt Quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels
On slow start on offense:
"I can't really answer how we got out of it, but it's something that I've noticed now the past couple weeks that our second quarters have been phenomenal, but our first quarters have been slow. So that's definitely gonna be a focal point moving forward, starting really well. Starting in practice, because that's where everything comes first, then carry that over to Saturdays."

On the increased involvement of Jordan Cunningham and Jonathan Krause:
"Our coaches do a great job of putting us in plays where we can move the ball around to multiple receivers. We have great coaches and great players so it's nothing we didn't expect as an offense. Those guys have shown a lot all camp to our coaches and the rest of the players. Me, as a quarterback, and us as the three quarterbacks all have great faith in them so you'll definitely see those receptions go up as the season continues.

On which receiver is "No. 2" and "No. 3" on depth chart:
"Jordan did a good job tonight, but like I said, whoever steps up next week will be that guy. I can't tell you who's No. 3 and who's No. 2 but, next week, maybe Krause will get more catches than Jordan, you never know. So the 1-2-3 is never something that I really want to focus on, that's just getting all of them the ball."

On involvement with other two QBs on roster:
"I have great relationships with those two guys. I have a lot of respect for both of them. I think it's funny, I've been around college football for a while so they both look to me as sort of a father figure type deal so they'll come off [the field] to me every single time. We have great communication. So I think that they look to me, they both have a lot of questions, especially because I played the first half so they ask me 'what was going on on the field?' It's always interesting to see a quarterback in there for the first time. It's a lot to manage, but those two kids did a good job and I expect a lot from them in the future."

On open deep routes:
"We like to stretch the field as much as we can, it takes protection, though. It takes the offensive line taking care of you, it takes running the ball consistently with the backs that we have. It takes those things, that we have as an offense, to be able to put the ball over the top a little bit, because that defense has to suck up to try and stop some of the things we're doing successfully. It's a great call by our coaches and a great job by our offensive line and receivers. Like I said we're one of eleven, and it takes each of us as individuals and I think we did a pretty good job, we just need to start faster."

On longer TD pass to Jordan Matthews:
"He's a hard worker and he's a competitor. We worked all summer together, which we've done on multiple occasions, and it's great to see his big, 10-inch hands reach out and swallow that ball. But it's nothing that we don't expect as a team to see."

On next week's game and S. Carolina allowing 41 pts to Georgia today:
"Very excited to head out there for a road SEC game. It's just another game to us. We're 1-0 this week and now we turn the page. The reason I'm discussing South Carolina now is right after that final whistle there that's where my head goes. It'll be fun, it's something that our team's looking forward to a lot. But again, the goal every week is 1-0 and I have no doubt that our coaches and players, including myself, will be ready to play."

Vanderbilt Linebacker Darreon Herring
On the team's defense (going three and out):
"That's what we're trying to do go three and out. That's what we initially want to do. But our defensive line, our DBs, everybody up front just played a tremendous first half, and we can do better, especially coming out from the first half. We knew we could do better in the 2nd half."

On the difference between this week's defense and last week's defense:
"I don't think there was much of a difference. We just did our best to prepare for this week with what the coach's did. We prepare for this week and focus on this week's game. Last week is in the past, we can't go back to it so we're 1-0 this week. We're gonna celebrate tonight and be ready for next week."

On Chase Garnham's injury:
"Nothing's changed without Chase to be honest, we're gonna keep moving forward. We have good backups with Jake Sealand and Harding Harper. It's out of our control what happened to him but we're still doing the best we can without him.

Austin Peay Head Coach Kirby Canon
Opening Statement:
"I was very impressed with our defense early, we had energy, we had emotion and we went out there with a purpose. We did the things you had to do, we put some of our defensive backs in tough positions, but we did the things we wanted to do early and I was proud of that. I can't say the same about our offense. Offenses are offenses, sometimes they click sometimes they don't. It's just up to us as coaches to find out the things we can do on a consistent basis. We aren't trying to reinvent the wheel we just want to find the things that we do well. "

On the QB Andrew Spivey taking blame for the sacks:
"Sacks are a part of the game. You can't blame it all on the quarterback nor all on the offensive line. It is always a combination of things. Part of the reason he's (Spivey) holding the ball is because our receivers are not getting open. The Vanderbilt secondary was very good in man coverage, and they hit us with some blitzes that increased the tempo on everything. He can take responsibility for them, but they are team sacks."

On playing two SEC teams to open the season:
"These games have been a great learning experience for us. We've matured as a team on both sides of the ball and I hope they continue to mature. I told the guys that now looking forward we need to continue to practice with everything that we have so that when we play Chattanooga we can come away with the win."

On the number of penalties early in the game:
"Penalties never help. I think we could have had some extended drives early that were negated because of the penalties. They took us from some third and short situations to third and really long. When we put Timarious [Mitchell] out there, he's our third-string quarterback, so some of those were communication issues that we need to work on."

Austin Peay QB Andrew Spivey
On pass blocking:
"Some of those I held on to the ball too long, I rolled out and obviously should have thrown the ball away. I think the o-line did a fair job, there might have been one or two times where they messed up and missed a block but that's going to happen. From there it's all me to take care of the ball and not take those sacks."

On the amount of deep plays called:
"We didn't have many deep plays called because we felt like we never really had a rhythm in the first half. We tried to set up longer plays, you know once you prove you can execute those shorter plays and the offensive coordinator has more confidence in the team and feels you can throw that ball deep."

On what do you take from these first two games:
"I think it's really going to be advantageous for us to have gone against these two SEC teams and have the speed, it's the fastest league in the world. When we go against teams that are more our level I think it's going to be a little slowed down and we'll be able to execute better."

On a highlight as a team you can take from playing these two games:
"The highlight as a team, getting down and losing big to teams, a team can really fall apart and people start pointing fingers and stop playing hard. I don't think that happened at all. I think something that was really good about these two games is that in the second half we didn't give up any points and last game, I mean I think our defense played really great today too. Just the fact that we didn't point fingers, we didn't get down, there was nobody on the sideline throwing a fit or anything."

Austin Peay Running Back Timothy Phillips
On how hard it was to move the ball on the ground in the 1st half:
"Oh, man. Words can't even describe. You could feel how hard it was to move the ball. This game and what we experienced, we will have to learn from. It will help us in the next game."

On why it was so difficult to move the ball:
"I think it was a combination. It was on us. Our mistakes didn't help, but it was an individual problem. In addition, this was the SEC, one of the best conferences. The speed in this league is very fast. I think that playing against this speed will help us later."

On how his 48-yard run felt in the 2nd half: "It felt great. It had been a long time. I had to knock some dust off. It felt good though and hopefully, I can get back to that."

On the reason for the offense's slow start: "I don't know what it was. I don't know if it was the atmosphere or what. The guys had a tough going though."

On playing tough competition:
"I like the challenge. Back at Central, we played Kentucky, another SEC team. The SEC is the fastest conference, and it only elevates my game even more. I have to be quick with my reactions, quick with my reads and just trust in myself."

On getting hit in the backfield often:
"A lot of those runs ran into blitzes whether it was corners or someone coming off the edge. It was my mistake being antsy in the backfield, too. I'm going to learn from than and I'm going to be better."



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