Vanderbilt - Ole Miss postgame quotes

Aug 30, 2013

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Vanderbilt Football
Postgame Quotes
August 29, 2013 - Vanderbilt Stadium

Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin
Opening Comments:
"Thank you to the fans for selling this game out. It's a simple game--we turned the ball over and they didn't. Early on, they dominated the line of scrimmage. We didn't get the ball to [Jordan] Matthews early in the game. It came down to turnovers, penalties and not being able to come off the field on third downs. That's on me. I'm responsible for our offense, defense and special teams. If you're looking for someone to blame, blame me."

On Mississippi's Go-Ahead Touchdown:
"It was a great call by them. We called a defense for the pass. They blocked us in space and [Jeff Scott] is fast."

On Whether Coach Franklin Thought Vanderbilt Had the Game Won:
"The game is never won. They played for four quarters just like we played for four quarters [last year at their place]. I could name 15 plays that would have made a big difference. We had the lead, lost the lead, lost the momentum, and gave up a big play to end the game."

On Vanderbilt Wide Receiver Jordan Matthews:
"I'm very proud of him, but we need other guys to step up. I am happy for Steven Scheu. He has worked hard all offseason. It would have been great for him to have the winning play. It should have been the winning play."

On Ole Miss' Response to Vanderbilt's Defensive Pressure:
"The problem is that we didn't have enough [pressure] early or late. You have to play for four quarters. Nobody is going to give you anything on that football field or in life. You have to earn it."

On SEC Losses:
"The losses hurt bad. I hate them more than you can imagine. The wins I enjoy. I don't want to become one of those coaches where the wins are just okay and the losses kill you. It breaks my heart when I see that everyone worked so hard, but it didn't go well."

Vanderbilt Players

QB Austyn Carta-Samuels
Did you think you had the game won?

"You know, it's interesting. The way we play here at Vanderbilt, we talk so much as a team and we are so prepared for the next situation that you don't really enjoy what goes on during the game until after the game. And so, no I didn't think we had the game won. I love my teammates, but the outlook that we take is to prepare for anything that could happen that would catch us off guard. So we were ready to go our last three plays there and if anything happened. Unfortunately something did happen."

How big did your eyes get when you saw Steven Scheu?
"It was a great call by our coach. He brought the corner a little safety over the top. It was a great job by Scheu to slow down because a safety could be coming over the top and watch the big guy run. It was definitely a bright spot in the last few minutes."

What were your thoughts on Krause tonight?
"He's a great player. He's a special player. He works really hard.... we needed him to step up and he did. I'm very excited for him. He's a big confidence guy; he's always had a bright future. I don't think he sees the ball as much as he wants to, so great to see him get some confidence there. He's going to have an outstanding season for us."

Walk us through that last touchdown.
"Basically in our two-minute situations, coach puts a lot on the quarterback. I set the formation and called the play out to those guys and signaled the play and saw the play was too high... leaving the corner to get deep and the corner blitzed so my first read was Jordan on that play. That's kind of why I threw it behind him because I thought there was someone coming, but no one came so it was fun to watch the freight train roll for 30 there. "

WR Jordan Matthews
Can you take us through your night? You were out a few times and came back in. What was going on with you tonight?
"Early on in the 3rd quarter I started having cramps in my legs and my back and my arms. Close to a full body cramp, so the trainer took me to the locker and gave me an IV. My team was able to play without me and I'm really proud of that because we have a lot of playmakers on this team. I was able to come back and do a little bit and got hit and I had a lot of fluids in my stomach from rehydrating so I threw up a little bit but was able to stay in the game. It was tough but my teammates needed me and I needed them so there was no coming out of the game."

How good was his block when you had the first touchdown there?
"I've seen Krause do that so many times. I think the best attribute about Krause is that he is the most unselfish man I've come in contact with. He's one of my best friends and no matter what the circumstance is he is going to lay his body out to help me have success, and I'd do the same for him. He's a great player. I wasn't surprised at all by his performance. He's a great guy and he's got a huge heart. I love that guy."

DE Walker May
What happened at the end there? And on a larger scale what changed in the second half?
"Yeah, they did a great job. They got in a rhythm there and we couldn't get them off track early. We didn't get a TFL or anything. They were able to stay on track and keep up the momentum."

Specifically the last touchdown?
"It was one of those things we should have made a play. That one is going to haunt me because I could have done more."

Was the defense getting fatigued at that point?
"No, we were good. We have a great strength and conditioning coach. We weren't winded."

You had four sacks in the first half, can you talk about that?
"The D Line did a great job. I had fun watching them add some great pressures. It was fun to watch."

You had 4 defensive ends on the line at one point, what does that do for you guys?
"Just a little more speed. We just try to get off the ball and disrupt the quarterback and get him off his spot. And make him move around a little bit."

Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze
Opening Statement:

"We stole one tonight. We didn't play that well, especially defensively in the second half. We preach that you play all 60 minutes until that whistle blows at the end of the game. I'll give credit to the young guys though, we were wounded and they stepped up for us and competed. We obviously have a lot to fix and we'll go back and take a look at that. But fortunately we get to make those fixes 1-0. "

On Jeff Scott's 75-yard run to put Ole Miss up late:

"I'm so happy for Jeff, he's really bought into our program. He's one of my favorite guys because he's a competitor on and off the field. All we needed at that point was a field goal. I saw what they did on the first play of the drive and I knew that we could get a good run play. He executed on the play and put us up for good."

On the increase of a passing game in the second half:

"They started playing two high on Donte's side and carrying with the backers. I felt like we could throw a little in the area they were voiding. We started running the ball and really just got into our tempo. Our guys didn't respond to the offense in the first half like they did early in that second half. We made some adjustments at the half that paid off. I'm really proud of our young guys on the line. They hadn't played any snaps and ended up playing the whole second half."

On Vanderbilt's fourth down conversion to Jordan Matthews late in the fourth quarter:

"Everyone in the stadium knew who it was going to on that play. We had two on him but we have to clean up our technique if we are going to do that. He is a heck of a player; you got to give him credit. He gets in and out of breaks as well as anyone I've seen, but we still need to execute and make that play."

Ole Miss LB Denzel Nkemdiche

On Vanderbilt's touchdown to Steven Scheu in the fourth quarter:

"We weren't lined up right. That's what happens when you don't execute and get to your position. We need to take a look at the film and fix what we did wrong."

On Jeff Scotts touchdown run:

"Jeff's an electric player. I knew once he broke out into the open field it was a wrap and nobody would catch him. He's a big time player for us and big time players make big time plays."

On the back-and-forth of the game:

"It was a great game, back-and-forth the whole way. Our coaches preach to us about adversity and tonight we were able to conquer that adversity and pull out a win late in the game. That was a great win for us and a great way to open the season."



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