Behind the V: Garry Christopher

Nov. 20, 2013

Garry Christopher, strength and conditioning coach for the Vanderbilt men's basketball team, joined the staff in the spring of 2013 after spending time with Purdue and their strength department overseeing the sports performance program for softball and women's tennis, while assisting with the men's basketball program. Christopher, originally from San Diego, received a bachelor's degree in health and human performance from Baylor in 2008 and a master's in kinesiology from San Diego State in 2011.

Plane tickets to anywhere?
I think I would go back to Africa. Did some mission work there two years ago in the country of Zambia and I'd like to go back there to complete those efforts.

Last movie you watched?
I watched "The Great Gatsby" a few nights ago.

Best advice you've received?
Life without purpose is like a ship without a rudder, any wind that blows will carry you away-(Father).

Why did you get into strength and conditioning?
From an early age I knew that I had a passion to serve and a want to make an impact in other’s lives along with being a former athlete it was just part of me, part of my nature. I saw firsthand how the weight room helped develop the physical characteristics vital for success on the playing fields. My dad was into competitive weightlifting when I was younger, so I witnessed him and his boys always going to the gym, and occasionally he took the time to explain certain exercises and basic concepts to my brother and myself, so it was something that I grew up around.

Favorite website you visit every morning?
I'm a big ESPN guy. T-Nation and EliteFTS are a few strength training/bodybuilding sites I view pretty regularly. I also like to look at some recruiting websites like Rivals and Max Preps.

What's your perfect day look like?
A great day of training!!

Do you have any pets?
No, not at the moment.

Can you cook? What's the best thing you make?
Yes. That's tough, because that's all I do is cook. I would say grilled chicken, quinoa, and asparagus. If you're talking about a dish, Shepherd's Pie, with ground turkey of course.

What was your favorite childhood toy?
GI Joe. That's easy.

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