Video: David Williams interview

Oct. 18, 2011

David Williams Press Conference | Ezeli to miss six games

Vanderbilt Vice Chancellor David Williams met with the media on Tuesday to address the six-game suspension men's basketball player Festus Ezeli received on Monday for a secondary violation he committed.

Here is some of what Williams said during the interview:
"I'm pleased with the way our operation functioned. Festus was nothing but perfect. When we interviewed him, every question that we asked, every (piece of) information we asked of Festus, he was upfront (about) and helped us understand it. He made a mistake"

"At the end of the day, the NCAA didn't take any benefit and didn't give any benefit; they just followed their enforcement rules. While I would have loved for there to be no penalty, the penalty that they gave was within the guidelines as they have always indicated. I think they dealt with us on a fair basis based on rules."

"We pride ourselves on integrity. We pride ourselves on following the rules. When we stumble and don't follow the rules, we certainly are going to be upfront about it."

Williams was also asked about what he had heard from the conference regarding last Saturday's football game.

"I've talked to the Commissioner and I've talked to the AD at Georgia and we have agreed that the conference will handle this. I've talked to Commissioner Slive and the conference will handle this both publicly and privately."



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