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Sept. 10, 2008




As I stopped by Memorial Practice Gym Wednesday morning to peek in on the men's basketball intro video shoot, I was surprised to see the team sporting a new look for this fall.

That's right. The Commodores will be switching to Nike's System of Dress design. You might remember Arizona, Florida, Syracuse and Ohio State as the first schools to debut this style of uniform last season.

Vanderbilt's 2008-09 outfits will now feature a more lightweight, form-fitting jersey with loose-fitting shorts. The Dri-FIT materials will also include a superior moisture management system.

I did some research on Nike's website about System of Dress and here's what I found:

"System of Dress from Nike is a dramatic new design direction in basketball performance and customized fashion," said Nike Executive Hans George. "It is a performance look borne out of a shift in culture surrounding the game to a more sophisticated, tailored look, but also the desire among youth to personalize their uniform."

So what do some of the players think about the new look?

"They're really exciting," said sophomore forward Darshawn McClellan. "I was kind of waiting and anticipating to see what they would look like, and they turned out great.

"I like the fit and the new material. It's pretty light, so when you get drenched in sweat they won't be as heavy; and I just like the design of them."

Sophomore forward Andre Walker was also pleased with the uniform.

"It's tighter and it also is a little lighter," added Walker. "I like how it sticks to your body. It's sort of like wearing compression shorts, but up top, and I like the shorts because they're baggy and you know we like our shorts baggy."

The Vanderbilt script on the jersey will stay the same, and the primary star logo will be placed on each side of the shorts.

College basketball fans can expect to see more schools in this style for the upcoming year. To learn more about System of Dress, click here.

Check out these photos of the new black uniforms:


And to show how trends have changed in athletic wear, here's a flashback to the 80's with Olivia Newton John's hit "Physical."




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