Two matters pertaining to Vanderbilt basketball

July 29, 2013

NOTE: Kedren Johnson has asked the Vanderbilt Athletic Communications office to disseminate this open letter to the Vanderbilt community.

To My Vanderbilt Family,

As we get closer to starting the new school year, I feel it is my responsibility to inform everyone of some disappointing news. I have been suspended as a student from Vanderbilt University for one year for a mistake I made, the result of using some very poor judgement. That also means I will not be on the basketball team this upcoming season.

It hurts me when I realize the consequences of my action, which happened near the end of the last school year. It was a violation of the good conduct expected of all Vanderbilt students. I take full responsibility and now must begin working to regain the trust and respect of my school, the student body, our fans and especially my coaches and friends on the team. I understand this will take time.

I have let down a lot of people including my own family, Coach Stallings and my teammates. I plan to do everything I can to return to Vanderbilt next year.

While I won't be on the basketball court, I will be the team's biggest fan. I look forward to fulfilling my obligations and regaining my status as a student at this great school.

Kedren Johnson

Bright signs professional contract in Germany

Guard from Manheim, Germany, departs for a professional contract with Fraport Skyliners in Frankfort, Germany, due to personal reasons.

Vanderbilt guard Kevin Bright has decided to forego his final three seasons with the Commodores due to personal reasons and sign with the Fraport Skyliners in Frankfort, Germany.

"About a week ago, Kevin went home to attend to his mother, who was ill," said Vanderbilt head coach Kevin Stallings. "Subsequently, he decided that the best thing for he and his family was to sign a professional contract so he could be near her. While the timing of this is very unfortunate, we understand Kevin's desire to be present for his family in this time of need.

"I do, however, look forward to working with this year's team and overcoming these recent setbacks."

Bright averaged 6.9 points and 5.5 rebounds per game in his only season with the Commodores in 2012-13.



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