Jeffery Taylor Highlight Reel

June 27, 2012

Taylor's Career Highlights | Taylor Through the Years

High-flying Jeffery Taylor will surely be remembered by Commodore fans for his amazing vertical leap and his uncanny athletic ability - and well they should after seeing his display of SportsCenter Top 10 dunks - but he should also be thought of as a player who constantly improved and actually transformed his game to not only help his NBA draft stock when that time came, but also his teammates during his four years playing for the Black and Gold.

The Swede came into college as a skinny, one-dimensional player (get to the rim!), and turned himself into one of the Commodores' all-time bests. After his sophomore season, he packed on 25 pounds and became a physical force without losing his quickness and lateral movement. After his junior season, he spent countless hours in the gym to become a marksman from beyond-the-arc. Throw that on top of his tenacious defensive aptitude and being able to guard point guards and power forwards, and you've got quite the player. When you look at his career numbers - 1,897 points (2nd all-time), 752 rebounds (6th all-time), and 146 career steals (8th all-time) - everyone should take notice that he stacks up with the all-time greats - the Clyde Lees, the Shan Fosters, the Matt Freijes - that have ever worn a Vanderbilt uniform.

So now it's time for his name to be called at Thursday's NBA Draft, to play amongst the best in the world. All of that hard work, training, and putting up shot after shot in empty gyms, will push his dream to a reality.

Check out the career highlight video and the accompanying photo gallery of his four outstanding years on West End.

Watch the Commodores' dreams come true on Thursday night at 6 p.m. on ESPN for their coverage of the NBA Draft. The draft will also be available online at



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