UK Head Coach Tubby Smith

UK Head Coach Tubby Smith


Kentucky Head Coach Tubby Smith


Opening Statement

"It was a game we felt we could give ourselves a chance to win. Vanderbilt shot the ball very well. They played hard. I thought we gave a good effort, but there were stretches were we didn't play very heady basketball. In the second half, we did a poor job of getting back and stopping the lay-ups and easy baskets."


On Vanderbilt sharing the ball

"They had five guys in double figures. That means they distributed the ball very well. We did a better job today, but it's the same things that have plagued us all season long -- getting to the line; getting assists."


On Randolph Morris getting in foul trouble

"I thought we had grown out of it. Randolph is a talented player. We need him in the game. Our bench was outstanding tonight though. I'd have to go back and look at the tape to see how he got all those fouls. There were fouls when they drove the lane, and on jump shots -- you can't do those things. We've got to get more than 15 minutes out of him."


On his strategy after Rondo missed the intentional foul free throws

"It doesn't give you many options. We tried to go inside and we don't throw the ball to Morris. So the next option is to swing it back around and get a three. The vision and the decision-making was not there." 


On DeMarre Carroll

"He's aggressive, he has good mobility. He's tough on the boards. He's a warrior. He's strong, physical and he has great hands. He's always around the basket and that's how you score. We don't have an answer for him."



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