Vanderbilt-Missouri postgame quotes

Dec. 8, 2010

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Vanderbilt Coach Quotes- Kevin Stallings

Opening Statement:
“Well, certainly we want to congratulate the University of Missouri. They made just a few more plays than we did and I thought it was an extremely hard fought game on both sides. I thought it was very well officiated, it was a hard game to call, and I felt that those guys did a good job. They just kind of made a play there at the end when we needed to. There’s really no excuse on how it all unfolded.”

On Vanderbilt’s free throws and rebounding:
“I think we were 26th in the country in free throw percentage coming into this game, or something there about. We’d been shooting 76 percent or better and we’d done a really good job at rebounding. We got badly outplayed on the boards and certainly just didn’t make free throws, we could have (put) the game away with some free throw makes. Nevertheless, our guys really competed hard.”

On last play in regulation:
“The play at the end of regulation, we gave the ball to Jeff Taylor and he created and Brad was standing wide open at the top of the key. I think there were six-point something [seconds]. There aren’t a lot of great play designs going full court with six seconds left and we couldn’t have been more open. The last one, I felt we could’ve played better off of that one.”

On positives in the game:

“I was very pleased with the way we handled the ball against their press. We did what we wanted to do. Jeff [Taylor], Brad [Tinsley], and Kyle [Fuller] particularly did a nice job handling the ball for us. We thought we could get the ball out in the open court and make plays. And if you’re gonna press us, then John Jenkins is standing down there on the other end, so take your chances. We got his two open looks in the overtime and, unfortunately, neither one of them went in”

On the outcome of the game:

“We thought we would win, we thought we could win. I think when you’re in a game like this you walk away thinking that you should have won and I think that if they would have lost, they would have walked away feeling like they should have won. But they deserved to win. They did a better job on the foul line and a better job on the boards. So they deserved to win”

Missouri Coach Quotes- Mike Anderson

Opening Statement:
“I want to congratulate our guys. You talk about a gutsy performance, that was one. In a lot of people’s eyes that probably wasn’t a thing of beauty, but in my eyes it was, because of how the game went. It was a game that went back and forth. It seemed like no one really had control of it. At the end of the day, we’re fortunate to have an opportunity to pull out the win. I want to thank our fans for coming out… they gave our guys some inspiration going down the stretch when things didn’t look too good. If you look at the games we’ve had, the Georgetown game we came up short and that came back into play in this game. We were in that same position, only this time we were down and we made the plays when we had to. I thought in the second half Marcus Denmon was the big-time leader out on that floor. You could see him just kind of leading the pack, talking to our guys. In the first half he played with a heavy heart—he’d lost a family member. In the second half he looked more like the Marcus Denmon that has been playing. What a finish. Guys stepped up when they had to. Ricardo Ratliffe played big for us down the stretch. Vanderbilt is a good basketball team, and they’re going to win a lot of games. When you’ve got a team that can shoot the basketball, you’ve got a chance, but give credit to our guys for making plays when they had to. I thought it was a great game and a great atmosphere.”

On finding a rhythm in the second half:
“It’s been several days since we’ve played, and at the pace we’ve been going that was unusual, so we had to go in and practice getting back out on the floor and just playing in that rhythm. We had some different guys come out and carry us in the first half. I thought Mike Dixon finished the half off in a fine fashion, and then they came back out [second half] and battled. In the end I thought our defense was the big difference in this game. We got a lot of offensive rebounds. There are always different ways to win—I’m not married to a system, I’m married to winning, and we won tonight.”

On Denmon’s persistence taking shots after a tough first half:

“I think that’s who Marcus is. He realizes his position on this team. You can slowly see him emerging as a leader. He’s talking a lot more and guys are listening. You have to earn leadership, and he’s earned it. He’s working harder and he’s a much better player than he was last year. He timed [his last steal] right. He actually asked to guard [Jeffery] Taylor down the stretch, and that’s what I’m looking for. Guys like [Zaire] Taylor and [JT] Tiller would say that last year, and that’s what [Denmon] said in the timeout… I want him. Vanderbilt got the last shot, and so it took a great, great defensive play by Marcus that enabled us to get out there with a win.”

On Ricardo Ratliffe’s improvement:

“You can just see Ricardo taking gradual steps each and every game. To me, the more physical the game is the more it plays into his favor. It’s just a matter of continuing to get comfortable with his teammates. They’ve got to understand where and when to get the ball to him. There were a couple of times they tried to get it to him and it didn’t work, but that’s part of what you’re going to see in the Big 12. All of these games have been tests for our basketball team—adversity takes place.



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