Vanderbilt - Lipscomb Postgame Quotes

Nov. 15, 2013

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Vanderbilt Head Coach Kevin Stallings

Opening Comments:
"Lipscomb played a nice game. They ran their offense well. On our side, [James] Siakam was fantastic... He was huge for us. We have a bit of inconsistency and it's showing. One game ago, we got 25 points from our two 5-men and tonight we got 5. There are others too. Lipscomb had something to do with that and banged down on them."

"Defensively... it's the third game in a row where a perimeter guy has killed us. Our pride in our perimeter defense is going to have to go up."

"[Rod] Odom made big shots for us. He has been that guy all along in practice."

"Luke [Kornet] came off the bench and played well."

On Breaking Legendary Vanderbilt Coach Roy Skinner's Win Record:
"He is a guy that was very popular with his players and the people who coached with him. He always welcomed everyone... We obviously miss him. He's a legendary guy for us. I wish somehow I could win a bunch of games and just tie him. You don't want to break his records because he's too nice of a guy. I've been very fortunate. I've had great guys around me and great players. You don't see guys making it 15 years these days."

On Vanderbilt Forward James Siakam:
"He has to be a big, aggressive guy for us... He's just what we need in that spot... James has athleticism to get above the rim. He is going to have nights where he can do this for us."

On Vanderbilt's Perimeter Defense:
"We have a lack of awareness... at times. My job is to make sure that's fixed... I feel like [Lipscomb] took too many open shots. It's early. These guys want to do the right thing and will get it right."

Vanderbilt Forward James Siakam

On his big game tonight statistically:
"It was really fun getting back out there and playing for my teammates and trying to be that energy guy. For me, it was definitely a confidence builder, and I hope to see the happen more often for myself. "

On his expectations for himself this season:
"Definitely be that energy guy I was just talking about. Come out there trying my hardest: rebounding, being active on defense, block shots, and just help out the team every time I can."

On playing thirty-one minutes during the game:

It definitely helped me get used to the speed of the game when I'm not just playing chunks here and there. It helped knowing that when I make mistakes I can do good things on the other end of the floor. So, it's definitely building my confidence to play more.

On how tired he felt during the game:
I didn't really feel tired. When you make big plays and your teammates are getting really excited for you and you get in the mood of the game, I don't think you can feel tired.

Vanderbilt Forward Rod Odom

On the impact of Siakam's energy during the game:

"I think it helped us out tremendously. Every time the game kind of got tight and things kind of got close, James came up with big plays, so in a lot of ways he kept us going, he kept us ahead, and he kept us confident. He was really playing for the entire team.

On Coach Stallings breaking the record for most wins as Vanderbilt head coach:

"I think it means a lot, because he's so competitive, and that's something you see every day being around him . Every day, you see that he's a very competitive individual. So more than it being a record, I think it's more about just winning for him. That's a good measure for how much he's won and all the great things that he's done here."

On his feelings of contributing to Coach Stallings' record:
"Yeah, I mean I've been here for four years, just like James has. We've won a lot of games, so we definitely take pride in it as well. Coach Stallings' competitive nature definitely rubbed off on us."

On his feelings of Lipscomb's answers to their runs during the game:
"We knew that they were going to come and play hard. We knew that this game means a lot to them, like it means a lot to us, them being across town and everything. So we knew that it was going to be a competitive game so we would have liked to stop some of their runs, especially the ones down the stretch. I mean, it's always good to respond, but there comes a point that you need to put a team down and keep them down. That's what we're looking to do."

On how to stop three-point shooters on the other team:
"I think we need to control penetration more. I think that will help not leave so many guys open and get so many guys going. When guys go in the lane and get open threes for their teammates, it kind of gets them into a rhythm, and they feel like they can keep making more shots. I think if we control penetration more and learn to play without fouling more so we can play more aggressive on defense. Then those things will take care of themselves."

Lipscomb Head Coach Casey Alexander
Opening Statement
"Firstly, I'd say our guys played really hard, giving ourselves a chance to win. We were severely out-manned, out-sized, a little bit out-everythinged. I don't think they had a bigger heart than we did, and that's why we had a chance to stay in the game as long as we did, and J.C. [Hampton] was a big part of that."

On the number of fouls:
"That was really significant, and we've battled that in every contest we've played. We've emphasized that more and more but we're not over the hump yet. We end up having to play guys out of position and we end up having to play them longer than normal. It really puts you in a big hole, especially when you're playing an SEC team."

On points off turnovers:
"We'll take points anyway we can get them. We answered a lot, they had several times to kind of run away from us and we had guys make good individual plays and give us an answer and get us back in the game. We were down 7-0 to start the game, then they make a quick run to start the second half and we get back in the game. So I'm really proud of our guys' resilience, and sticking with it."

Looking ahead:
"I talked to our guys after the game and, you know, effort is where you always start. If you play hard and you play together, then you're going to give yourself a chance to win just about every game that you play. We'll be the underdog again on Monday, but we'll be right there with a chance to win if we play as hard as we have to this point in the season. The nature of non-conference games is they're out of sequence and there's no regularity to them. Everybody's fighting the battle right now with early-season fatigue. But you can't let that worry or bother you too much."



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