Vanderbilt-Georgia postgame quotes

Feb. 27, 2013

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Vanderbilt Head Coach Kevin Stallings 

Opening Comments:
"It was a great game. Georgia clearly outplayed us in the first half. In the second half, we were way more aggressive. Kedren [Johnson] got us started off, and then Sheldon [Jeter] came in and had a huge impact on the game. [Kentavious] Caldwell-Pope is a great player. He had 20 [points] tonight and I thought we did a great job on him. He's a great offensive and defensive player. We deserved to win a game like this. Kevin [Bright] hit a great shot. It was a good ending for us." 

On the game-winning shot by Kevin Bright:
"There was a point in time in which the [designed] play ends and guys have to make plays. Kevin got his guy off-balance and made a nice shot. He has a knack of making big shots." 

On the game's final play:
"I had two freshmen in the game, and subbed to get one of them in. We were trying to find our best five players tonight. We had some guys not play as well as they have been. We had our best practice of the season on Monday, looked mediocre yesterday, and then came out lethargic tonight. We did a nice job at the foul line. We became aggressive in the second half." 

On Georgia's first half game plan:
"They did a good job of defending our screens and we didn't do a good job of going to Plan B. We were miserable offensively in the first half. Fortunately, we recovered in the second half." 

On the charge on Sheldon Jeter:
"From where we were sitting, it looked like a block and you could tell the crowd thought the same way. We went down, got a stop, and then came back and made a basket. Sheldon [Jeter] and Kedren [Johnson] were keys for us in the second half. They were key in terms of the energy they gave us and the aggression they gave us."

Vanderbilt guard Kevin Bright 

On his game-winning shot:
"I didn't see it coming, first of all. I didn't expect the ball coming to me, but I didn't think about it. I dribbled the ball to the baseline and tried to get the ball off in time, and luckily it went in." 

On if he thought it was going in the basket:
"I thought (my shot) was off because when the ball first hit the rim, it looked like it was going to bounce off, but like I said, luckily it bounced back in."

Vanderbilt forward Sheldon Jeter 

On the team winning a tight game at the end:
"We've lost several, but luckily we got that bounce. It feels good to finally be on the other side of the win." 

On if his charge was a turning point in the game:
"It actually did (fire me up) because I was just kind of dead. I made a great move and the official called a charge. I don't think I've ever been that close to a ref. I got there and he (the official) was just staring at me, so I just walked away. It fired me up and got me going." 

On if the comeback tonight is a sign that the team is progressing:
"I feel like it is. I feel like we're finally starting to get over that hump that has been haunting us all year. There have been countless games where we've either come back or we've had the lead going into the last two minutes and blown it. Now, we're actually starting to close out games and make winning plays."

Vanderbilt guard Kedren Johnson 

On what went wrong offensively in the first half:
"I don't think we were playing with enough emotion. We were playing almost lifeless out there and we were kind of like that in practice yesterday too. Before the coaches came in the locker room at half time, we were talking as a team and motivating each other. We wanted to have fun and play with passion, and it showed out there." 

On what play was called at the end:
"Coach (Stallings) didn't really call a play. He just wanted us to run open offense and the best shot we had, take it and don't think about the clock. The first good shot you get, take it, and Kevin (Bright) made a huge shot."

Georgia Head Coach Mark Fox 

Opening Comments:
"It's a difficult loss because I thought our defense was really good in the first half. Unfortunately, our defense wasn't as good in the second half, but still we were in position to win the game. We had a terrible break when Kentavious (Caldwell-Pope) dribbled the ball off his foot and go out of bounds because he knew he was going to be fouled. That was a terrible break for him." 

On what Vanderbilt did differently in the second half:
"They didn't do a lot differently. I don't think we handled the lead very well. We finished the first half poorly because we gave them five quick points at the end of the half. Then we sent them to the free throw line on the first couple trips in the second half. We have to be more in tune with a lead." 

On what his team did to get out to a big lead:
"I thought our defense was good, and they missed some shots, but our defense was really good in the first half. We were so poised with the basketball in the first half. In the second half their (Vanderbilt's) defense was much better."



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