Vanderbilt-Florida postgame quotes

Feb. 25, 2014

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Vanderbilt Head Coach Kevin Stallings 

Opening Comments:

"The game came down to one or two possessions and [Florida was] able to make the plays they needed to make. They are a very good team. They play well together. Defensively, we played very well after the first four minutes of the second half. We got some things going with our offense. Luke [Kornet] gave us a nice boost off the bench. [Florida's] defense is terrific. Carter [Josephs] stabilized us versus their pressure. We're disappointed. It was a game we thought we could win."

On Guard Kyle Fuller's Three-Pointer on Vanderbilt's Final Possession:

"With six seconds to go against a team as good as them... We knew we wouldn't be able to get the ball to Rod [Odom] because they'd have [Scott] Wilbekin on him. Wilbekin is the best defensive player in our league. We got a clean look and got the rebound. I'm not sure why you would take that shot [off the rebound] with three seconds left. You turn around and kick it out to someone. A clean look versus their defense in six seconds - you take your chances."

On Florida's Offensive Rebounding Edge:

"It's effort [on our part]. We had four offensive rebounds and two of them came from a guard and two came from a guy off the bench."

On Florida's Full Court Press: 

"When Carter [Josephs] was in the game, we handled it pretty well. We got some baskets behind it and they got baskets from it."

On Guard Carter Josephs:

"Carter brings us a calm. Our team plays very calmly when he's on the floor. Good for him."

On Florida Forward Dorian Finney-Smith's Three-Pointer:

"If I could have picked any of the five people on the floor to shoot, it would have been him... That's what makes Florida good: they have options. They have guys who can come in and make shots. They get it to the open guy and he delivers. You have to give them a ton of credit for that."

Vanderbilt G Kyle Fuller

On his look for the final shot:

Coach drew up a play for Luke to run a flare screen, but when he got it Patric (Young) was kind of on him. When I got it I thought I created enough space, but when it left my hand it just didn't feel right

On what makes Florida's press so effective:

Their reaction time. Once they press you, there secondary man is already getting ready to intercept the ball right there.  They we're really good at closing in.

On reactions whether they had positive or negative emotions following such a close game with the number one team in the country:

It's a little bit of both. We felt like we could have won that game if we hadn't made mistakes, or even if I had hit that shot at the end to give us another chance. We know how good we are, and we just play within ourselves. We knew that this game could be close if we did our business. It just didn't work out today.

Vanderbilt G Rod Odom

On Florida's defense:

They did a good job contesting shots and guarding the ball; they did a good job stopping penetration. They did a good job getting to us. They're one of the best in the league on defense and that's definitely what you expect when they come in here.

On VU G Carter Josephs increased minutes recently:

Carter is a smart kid, a tough kid. He just goes out there and does what's asked of him. You know what you're going to get from him every day, and you know what you're going to get when you put him in the game. He just goes out there and doesn't worry about the pressure he just plays the way he knows how to play, and that's why he's been an asset to us.

Vanderbilt G Dai-Jon Parker

On their emotions following this game:

Frustration, yes. Disappointment, yes. We have a lot to work on following this game, because it's not just that last shot we need to fix. There's multiple points during the game where we need to correct ourselves during practice, and that's what we're looking forward to doing.

On their game plan on Florida:

Going into the game we had a game plan, and I think they stepped up their game. I think we did a pretty good job stopping their main players; Prather, Wilbekin, and Young, for the most part. Other guys just stepped up and that's why they're the number one team in the country. They didn't go to Florida for nothing.

On his tip attempt at the buzzer:

No I didn't get a chance to look at the clock, but now that I think about it I could have pitched it back to one of my teammates, because we needed three. Once I got in the air, I just didn't have the common sense to look at the clock, even though I should already know the time and situation before that happens.

Florida Head Coach, Billy Donovan 

On Dorian Finney-Smith maintaining shooters confidence with big 3-point shot:

"I think for him with what we do offensively he's going to get shots and he's going to get them there at the top of the key. I think when he starts to make some shots it would open up some other things for his game and I think what's happening is a lot of times in passed games people have kind of tried to take away Patrick Young rolling to the basket, and he's kind of filling up behind a lot of our offense. He had really good looks tonight and I thought Vanderbilt did a really good job on Patrick Young. We had to shoot the ball over the top and we at least matched them 3-point shot for 3-point shot in terms of makes although it took us a few more than them. Obviously that was a big shot up by 2, and it was a good look but I thought Scottie Wilbekin made a really good read on it. 

On full-court press in the first half:

"I thought the press was effective. I thought we were disruptive you know to start the game. They (Vanderbilt) did a good job also several possessions where they beat the press, they got two 3-pointers out of it and they got a couple drives by Kyle Fuller to a dump down low, to a dunk so we probably gave six or eight points in the first half out of the press. But we also turned them (Vanderbilt) over 11 times and we got the ball 11 times so it was probably a good trade-off for us. We wanted to come in and just be aggressive. I got such respect for Coach Stallings and what Vanderbilt does offensively, I think they're going to come down and they are going execute their stuff and they're going to get good shots. Coming in, we just thought trying to disrupt their flow would be important."

On Florida's offense versus Vanderbilt's zone:

"I thought we were okay there, we made a couple really good plays where we got the ball down the baseline to Patrick Young and he missed a reverse lay-up. Dorian Finney-Smith had the ball in the middle of the zone, turn-around jump shot missed. I thought Michael Frazier got two good looks, he didn't make it. We had a couple we got bogged down but overall I thought the ball movement was good. I knew when Luke Kornet came into the game they were going to switch and play zone with him and I thought he gave them a great lift off the bench with his 3-pointers. That was really the difference in the game. I think we were up by 12 and I think four of their next five possessions were 3-point shots and I think we actually fouled a 3-point shooter but thank, God, I think Dai-Jon Parker only made one of those three free-throws which we didn't get hurt too bad on that. But Rod Odom made one late in the shot clock; Luke Kornet made two on some screen action where they bumped him back. Dai-Jon Parker's missed free-throws kept them in the game at four instead of it going to one or maybe down to two. That helped and I think we came down the floor and we scored, maybe got an and-one and kind of pushed the lead back up but that series was a really important series in the game. Then I thought Vanderbilt did a great job, I thought they gave themselves every opportunity to win the game and put themselves in a position to win"

On playing the first game as the No. 1 team in the nation:

"I think maybe more gets made of, in terms of the team, that's ranked No. 1 and there is not enough credit or emphasis placed on the opponent getting totally jacked up to play. For our guys now we have had four or five games on the road. We've had to go at Tennessee; we've gone at Kentucky, mid-week game against Auburn at home, went to Ole Miss on Saturday, and then Vanderbilt here. It's been a grind for our basketball team, where you are getting everybody's best shot and then emotionally your trying to get yourselves up to play to that level. I would say this, in watching Vanderbilt play against Auburn on Saturday, they obviously shot the ball extremely well in the second half but the played much, much better as a team I thought in this game."

Florida Forward Dorian Finney-Smith

On shooting:

"You know, it was just me having confidence in my shot. I was kind of in a shooting slump, but my teammates did a great job telling me to just keep shooting the ball."

 "We just got good shots. Coach talks about that all of the time. We're going to get everybody the best shot every time."

On the road win:

"When we go on road, we gotta fight through adversity. This team is good at home. They shot the ball well." 

On the final three point shot:

"You know, I just shot the ball with confidence. Usually, I throw it in for Patric, but the forward was holding for Pat so I could replace, we did a roll and replace, and I was wide open for three." 

On the importance of the win as the number one ranked team:

"It was important to get the win. We don't get anything out of being number one. We try not to look at it that way."

Was there any pressure?

"No. Not really."



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