Vanderbilt-Texas A&M postgame quotes

Feb. 16, 2013

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Vanderbilt Head Coach Kevin Stallings 

Opening Comments:
"We had guys step up and make a bunch of shots - Kedren [Johnson] and Rod [Odom] hit threes at the end of the game. Our defense was really on point. We did a nice job against [Elston] Turner and [Fabyon] Harris."

On the possibility of Vanderbilt not bouncing back after the Tennessee loss:
"Our guys don't give in. They're not cut that way. That's not what our program is about. Maybe [our team] was inspired by the three guys (Festus Ezeli, Jeffery Taylor and John Jenkins) who came back tonight and spent some time with us. You know things are good for your program when people want to come back." 

On Vanderbilt guard Dai-Jon Parker:
"He has spent a lot of time in the gym taking extra shots. We think that's a reason he was able to make some more shots. He was terrific tonight. He was terrific on defense too. We certainly thought he could make shots. He jumped up tonight like he meant it. I'm proud of our entire team. Kyle [Fuller] and Josh [Henderson] came off the bench and played well. They were certainly two of our five best players." 

On Vanderbilt's defensive effort:
"Dai-Jon [Parker] and Kedren [Johnson] were terrific on defense. [Elston] Turner and [Fabyon] Harris are great offensive players." 

On Texas A&M's game plan:
"There are some similarities in coaching philosophies. I have huge respect for Billy [Kennedy]. They play as hard as any team in our league on defense. We played defense for 40 minutes today. The fact that we neutralized them on the boards was big for us too. They are one of the top two offensive rebounding teams in the league. We took care of the ball and made plays for other people, which was key." 

On Vanderbilt forward Rod Odom's final three-pointer:
"Huge shot. He hit a huge one and Kedren [Johnson] hit a big one at the top of the key that stemmed the tide on a few occasions. I like guys who shoot it with conviction. You don't need to be hesitant. If you're open and can make it, jump up like you're supposed to make it. Those two shots were huge." 

On Texas Governor Rick Perry being in attendance:
"I didn't know he was here until one of my assistants told me. I don't know if this is right, but he went to Texas A&M and sent his daughter to Vanderbilt. You know how parents want to make things better for their kids?"

Vanderbilt guard Dai-Jon Parker 

On what sparked his offensive performance tonight:
"I was in the gym and I just wanted to keep working. Coach [Stallings] told me a couple of days ago he saw me working and I try to stick with Rod [Odom] because he's always working. I try to get up as many shots as I can, and they were falling tonight." 

On guarding Elston Turner:
"I think he shot 19 shots and had 14 points, so I think we were pretty efficient on [guarding] him throughout the night." 

On keeping the momentum from the win going into the next game:
"We just want to take this day off tomorrow and get right back at it on Monday. It's just another game, the next game is always the biggest game, so we just want to prepare as much as we can for as long as we can. Hopefully, we can go in and execute our preparation."

Vanderbilt forward Rod Odom 

On holding off a Texas A&M comeback:
"We watched a lot of tape of those times where we gave up leads, and we asked ourselves why did we give up those leads? A lot of it was due to bad shot selection and mental errors on defense, so we figured that if we cleaned up those things we'd fair better down the stretch and I think we did that better today." 

On teammate Dai-Jon Parker's performance:
"I've been playing with Dai-Jon for a while now, and I know he can shoot. Everybody knows he can shoot, so it was just a matter of time until they started falling, especially since he's been putting extra time in, they didn't really have a choice but to fall. I definitely figured that as long as he stayed with it they would start falling." 

On winning against Texas A&M following a tough loss to Tennessee on Wednesday:
"I think it says a lot about our guys that they came out and played as hard as they did because it would be easy to hang your head after a loss like that, Tennessee beat us pretty good. That was definitely tough on us, so I think it says a lot about our team that we managed to respond."

Texas A&M Head Coach Billy Kennedy 

Opening Comments:
"I have to give Vandy a lot of credit. I thought the seven three-pointers in the second half at the end of the shot clock were backbreakers. They shot the ball extremely well and in the second half I thought that was the difference in the game." 

On Vanderbilt's Dai-Jon Parker:
"We had a hard time defending dribble penetration and I thought they did a good job of finding him (Parker). I also thought (Rod) Odom was a tough matchup for us and he shot the ball well. Dai-Jon Parker is a tough kid and he made some shots tonight that were critical." 

On how Vanderbilt defended Elston Turner:
"Everybody loads up their defense to stop Elston and I thought Elston had a pretty good game even though he was 7-of-19. He got some looks, but they did a good job of making him work hard before he got the open shots. They (Vanderbilt) are a good defensive team and we've struggled against good defensive teams."

Texas A&M guard Elston Turner 

On the inconsistency of the team:
"We're still confident that we can make a run, but the time is ticking and we're starting to run out of time. Defensively, we didn't play great, but we played well enough to win. They hit a lot of crucial shots. The bottom line is they hit shots and we didn't. We have to go back to the drawing board and get ready for a quick turnaround game Wednesday." 

On what Vanderbilt did defensively against him:
"I couldn't really catch it in my sweet spots. I had to go out towards half court because they were denying me and switching on a lot of the ball screens. They didn't really extend their defense; they kept it packed in tight. They made me pass the ball. I did have some open looks, but I just wasn't able to knock them down tonight."



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