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Vanderbilt - Texas A&M Postgame Quotes

Feb. 15, 2014

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Vanderbilt Head Coach Kevin Stallings

Opening Comments:

"I'm very proud of our team. On a day when we were 3-26 from three and shot 31%, on a day when it felt like we couldn't get anything going offensively, we found a way to get a victory. We had a number of players who made big plays. James [Siakam] in the second half was huge. Rod [Odom's] shot to send us to overtime was big."

On Forward Rod Odom's Shot at the End of Regulation:

"That was the exact one we were playing for. Rod has a choice of continuing the play for someone else or continuing it for himself. When he hesitated, I thought the shot would be for someone else. That's the shot we were playing for... That was a big play."

On the End of the Game:

"I was just coaching play by play. I know we bothered [Texas A&M]. We're not a pressing team and Texas A&M is a good press offense team... Sometimes, things work where you don't expect them to work. We became the aggressor in the nick of time... [Texas A&M] missed some free throws for us, although they made some down the stretch. We had things happen that fell our way. Our guys played well and did a good job on the boards."

On Building a Quick Lead in Overtime:

"We ran a baseline play to get a layup [for Damian Jones] and that turned into a three point play. Other than Rod's jumper for overtime, that was one of the biggest plays of the game."

On Vanderbilt's Performance:

"I felt like our legs were shot. To [our team's] credit, we held [Texas A&M] to 37% shooting and won the rebounding and turnover battles. Our guys found a different way to win other than to make shots. They keep finding ways to overcome adversity."

Vanderbilt G Rod Odom

On his confidence shooting the game tying shot:

"I was confident. I had a rough game, but my shot didn't feel bad all game, so I figured by the law of averages that I was due to make one. I had one at the end of Arkansas that I`d been thinking about for a while, so this was the perfect opportunity to rectify that."

On how it feels making the big shot at the end of a bad day shooting:

"That definitely gives you confidence to have a bad day like that and still make a big one. For me that means a lot."

On getting his mind right for the buzzer beater with the quick turnover and no timeouts:

"I'm not going to lie, it was tough, and my mind was kind of racing. I had a rough night, so I was a little bit surprised they came to me, but it gave me confidence that coach would call that play."

On his hesitation before making the decision to make a move and take the shot:

"I thought about it, and I got the feeling Coach Stallings wanted me to call my option, and I wanted to call my option. The kid guarding me was a good defender, so I tried to get him going one way, so I stepped outside towards Dai Jon and tried to get a little bit of space. Coach is one of the best X and O guys in the country so he always gives us a good look out of inbounds plays."

Vanderbilt G Kyle Fuller

On getting the momentum heading into overtime and taking the lead:

"It was extremely important. We kept telling each other `we have to keep this lead, so we have to keep getting stops,' and Damian was getting some big rebounds, some man rebounds. It was real good to see that, so we just had to keep the ball in front of us, and that's what we did for the most part at the end."

On how they got the ugly win today:

"We just kept fighting, we did not give up. That's the motto of our team, we just don't give up. The stats don't look great, but we came away with a win. We're just fighting and fighting and we weren't going to stop, so I'm just glad we came away with the win."

On the steal/jump ball by G Dai Jon Parker at the end of the game:

"Dai Jon had just said it too. The play right before, he said `Kyle, if you're going to foul, foul going for the ball, because the possession arrow is going our way.' He just told me that, and then he went out there and did it. I'm just happy he did that for us, because that gave Rod a big shot."

Vanderbilt F James Siakam

On when he and F Damian Jones realized they were going to have to come up big in the post today:

"We started a few days ago really. We talked to each other about getting those rebounds, because if you rebound well, then we have a better chance to win. That's what our focus was on, and we kept battling, and it came out right."

On what he attributes his success to this season:

"Honestly, I just go to the boards every time, and I don't stop. I try everything a can to get that position to get that rebound. Sometimes they had smaller guys on me and I felt like I could use that to my advantage."

On the steal/jump ball by G Dai Jon Parker at the end of the game:

"It was a great energy booster. We just wanted to crowd him and make him throw the ball away. We didn't want to foul him, but I guess when he brought the ball down, we made a playon it and that gave us a chance to win the game."

Texas A&M Head Coach, Billy Kennedy

Opening Statement:

"You got to give Vanderbilt credit for the end of the game, executing when they needed too. We got to make free-throws that I thought cost us the game and then I don't know what happened there at the end, the jump ball call or the foul. I'll tell you what, it's a definite advantage. Vanderbilt has the best home court advantage I've ever played against because looking across the court, I know coaches have said this over and over and this is my third time. You want to call a timeout in that situation and they're calling, "jump ball jump ball jump ball", coaches to the ref, and we're calling, "foul foul", the refs here them a lot easier than they hear us. You got to give them credit, they made the right plays at the end but that was definitely an advantage. So I give Vanderbilt all the credit."

On 3-point shooting defense:

"We did a great job on Rod Odom, we did a great job. Really James Siakam continued to hurt us, you know on the glass and then he makes 12 of 14 free-throws. We played well enough; we had some bad turnovers, missed free-throws, and missed layups. We missed a couple layups there at the end."

On what happened with free-throws:

"Well the key there was Kyle Fuller got to the rim and scored layups to quick. The clock didn't have to run because he got layups and we did a poor job of containing him. Then at the end of the game my guy swears nobody had the ball and it was a jump ball and I can't even see how far. We got it in quick to the right guy, we're thinking Vanderbilt is going to foul and we're going to come down. That was the play, that and us missing free-throws.



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