Vanderbilt-Tennessee postgame quotes

Feb. 13, 2013

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Vanderbilt Head Coach Kevin Stallings 

Opening Comments:
"Our defensive effort in the first half was disappointing, especially coming off our game against Arkansas. To defend them that poorly in the first half was disappointing. We had a hard time making shots. They played a much better game than we did."

On adjusting to the lack of foul calls:
"It's tough when you know there won't be many fouls called. I knew coming in that would be the case. I knew coming in it would be a physical game. That plays to their advantage. You get certain guys and [they'll] let them just go." 

On the injury to Vanderbilt's Kedren Johnson:
"The trainers told me he was okay to go back in. [The injury] certainly wasn't why we lost." 

On Vanderbilt's struggles against Tennessee:
"In the first half, it was the best I've seen UT play this season. Some of it was us. We made it easy on them because we missed shots. Neither team got to the foul line. I'm not sure it was all us, [Tennessee] played well, particularly in the first half." 

On Vanderbilt developing a consistent scoring threat:
"The only one who played well tonight was Shelby [Moats] and he didn't get in until the last five minutes. It's a revolving door. It would be nice if someone could step up and be consistently productive, but we haven't been able to get that yet." 

On Vanderbilt's 48 points:
"You have to make shots at some point. We're a team that's challenged to score. It was definitely tough tonight because they wouldn't call fouls."

Vanderbilt forward Kevin Bright 

On the game:
"We played better defense in second half than in the first half. I think at the end we gave up 18 points in the second half, but on the offensive end we didn't make the easy play, we didn't make our shots. We had opportunities to make our shots, including myself, and we just have to make it, try to improve on it." 

On the team's lack of consistency: 
"It is really frustrating, especially as a young team. We're going through a lot of ups and downs, but like Coach [Stallings] says, we're all behind each other. We're not going to take that into the next game."   

Vanderbilt guard Kedren Johnson 

On Vanderbilt's defense the first half:
"We gave up a whole bunch of easy baskets and some of the guys got going from the three-point line. I know [Jarnell] Stokes had a real good first half, as well as [Jordan] McRae and also Trae Golden. All three of them had great first halves, and we had trouble plugging up the faucet that they had running." 

On his shoulder injury:
"It's real tender right now and it's real sore. It tightens up on me a lot and I just got hit in an awkward way going up to the basket. I'm just trying to treat it and get it back to 100 percent." 

On the game:
"It just seemed like we were a step behind all night. It seemed like those guys couldn't miss shots in the first half."

Tennessee Head Coach Cuonzo Martin 

Opening Comments:
"Another big road win for our guys, especially in a tough, tough place to play. The guys kept their composure and only had two turnovers in the first half. We executed, had spacing and defended well. That Princeton-style offense is tough to defend and I thought our guys really accepted the challenge and played hard start to finish. I thought for the most part we did a good job of finishing the game in a tough venue to play in." 

On if he thought this was the best his team has played offensively this season:
"I think so, but I think part of that is because we've identified that Jarnell (Stokes) has really stepped up as our guy. The offense flows through Jarnell, as opposed to the beginning of the season." 

On handling the full court pressure:
"I think in this particular case we got lazy because in a couple other games like Ole Miss and Arkansas, even though we had a lot of turnovers, those turnovers were in the half court. We spend time on it in practice, but I think we just got a little careless and a little lazy on some of those passes."

Tennessee guard Trae Golden 

On if the first half was the best the team has played on offense this season:
"I saw at halftime that we were shooting 50 percent and I can't believe we did that. I would say that is one of the better halves we've played." 

On how he felt early in the game:
"I just wanted to get out to a good start and fuel the team and ride off that. I think that's what we did. In the second half I wanted to get the team good shots and get Jarnell (Stokes) and Jordan (McRae) the ball."

Tennessee forward Jarnell Stokes 

On if he feels pressure to continue his double-double streak:
"I definitely felt the pressure. I think in the last four minutes I was trying to get one more rebound and I finally got it in the last minute. I definitely want to keep it going (the double-double streak)." 

On shooting jump shots:
"My teammates tell me I should take it, but I'm not much of a jump shooter. I work on it all the time and I know I can make it, but I try to get to the rim. They say that big men who are jump shooters only shoot 20 or 30 percent any ways. I think I'm more efficient just getting to the rim."



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