Post-Kentucky Game Quotes

Feb. 12, 2008

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Vanderbilt Head Coach Kevin Stallings:

Opening statement:
"It's nice to be back home. I don't know what to say other than I thought we played pretty well, especially in the first half I thought we were really as good defensively as I've ever seen this team play. I'm really proud of (the team), proud of their effort and proud of them hanging in during a long stretch where we played most of our games on the road. We obviously caught Kentucky on a night where they were off. I said before the game and I still believe it, I think they are playing as well as anybody in the league. I just think we happened to catch them on an off night. It was our night, it wasn't theirs and sometimes in this league, things can snowball on you. We had it happen to us a few weeks ago (at Florida) and it is just the nature of how this league can be. It is a tough league. We were really pleased with our effort, really pleased with our execution."

On the team's execution:
"We were pretty stellar. We were hitting good shots and we were executing well. I thought in the first half that we had great possessions of half-court offense. We were in our motion for a little bit and I felt that we did a good job of moving the ball side to side. At one point, I was so pleased that I leaned over to Tom Richardson and said, `I think that was our best offensive possession of the year.' I would say that on both ends of the court, that is the best that we've played for sure."

On having a game you could only dream about:
"The truth is you really don't dream like that. I didn't think we could be ahead of someone 41-11 if those guys were playing us coaches. We started hitting shots and they missed a couple of easy ones, and then the crowd got into it. It was just our night. I don't know how to explain it. It just happens sometimes when you least suspect it. It was not their night and it was ours."

On holding Patrick Patterson to one point in the first half:
"Well, I thought that part of the key for us was that we were able to get some fouls called on him and that affects anyone's play. I thought our guys were really alert."

Vanderbilt Players:

Forward Shan Foster:

On beating Kentucky by a large margin:
"It wasn't comfortable throughout the game because we've been a team that has given up leads.  Our focus was to stay aggressive throughout and play tough defense.  We played great in the first half, especially on defense and that caused us to have such a large margin going into halftime."

On the lack of turnovers:
"That's been a focus of ours for the last few games.  We needed to take care of the ball better.  Alex Gordon tells us before every game that we should have less than 10 turnovers and when we do that, we win a majority of our games.  We've accepted the challenge of taking care of the basketball from our coaches."

Forward Ross Neltner:

On facing Kentucky at home:
"We were focused throughout.  It was a team effort and as Shan said, our defense was tremendously great.  We tried to shut them down and you look at the stat sheet and they were only 3 for 15 in the first half."

On this possibly being the best defensive effort of the season:
"I think we surprised them with our effort and energy in the first half.  Our coaches were telling us about how they overwhelmed us at Rupp Arena earlier in the year and we wanted to do the same to them." 

On facing Patrick Patterson:
"I was disappointed with how we played him the first time we faced him this year.  We wanted to come out and make up for that past effort.  It was a team effort and everyone helped one another.  We tried to limit his touches and we got some fouls on him." 

Center Andrew Ogilvy:

On facing Patrick Patterson:
"We tried to frustrate him throughout the game and Neltner did a good job of doing that."

Kentucky Head Coach Billy Gillispie:

Opening statement:
"That was a good whipping. Congratulations to Vanderbilt. They played great. We just didn't have any answers. It was just a severe whipping, from start to finish."

On the play of his team and Vanderbilt:
"I thought our guys were fresh and we think we tried hard. We just missed some shots and let it affect we way we played defensively. They (Vanderbilt) had one turnover at halftime. I don't think I've ever seen that. That's a credit to them. They showed us how to cut and move the ball, pass the ball to the post, on time and on target."

On Vanderbilt's execution:
"It was good execution on their part, but it's not exactly the way we tried to guard them. We were trying to keep certain players from the basketball. I don't think we stopped them yet. Their stuff is good, but if you let them catch the ball when they want to, it makes them doubly better."

On how Vanderbilt dominated the interior play in first half:
"They did a fantastic job posting and we didn't move in relation to where the ball was. Everything in this game, offensively for them and defensively for us, was dictating on letting them reverse the ball, not pressuring the ball, and letting them catch it where they wanted to. We did a better job of all of those in the first game."

On what he told the team afterward:
"It's one game, it's a loss, and we'll be back. We missed too many opportunities. Hopefully, we can take a step in the right direction regarding maturity and not let it bother us as much as it did tonight."

On his final thoughts on the game:
"We just got our tail kicked. It's one loss, and we just got our tail kicked severely. That's all there is to it. Congratulations to Vanderbilt. They played fantastic."

Kentucky Players:

Center Patrick Patterson:

On the game:
"This is a rare loss for Kentucky, for the university, for the fans, to lose by this margin. No one comes to Kentucky expecting to lose this way."

Guard Jodie Meeks:

On the game:
"We didn't represent our uniform the way we should have."

On moving forward:
"We need to get back on track.  We are going to LSU on Saturday.  I know they just fired their coach, but it's going to be a tough game."

On playing through pain:
"I just kept trying to get warm.  There was a little bit of pain, but nothing like it was. I told him (Coach Gillespie) earlier today that I could play."

Guard Ramel Bradley:

On the game:
"I give Vanderbilt a lot of credit. They were ready the whole game. I just couldn't believe that on offense we couldn't make a shot and on defense we couldn't get any stops.  That was embarrassing for our fans the way we represented the university."

On lack of effort:
"We didn't fight through screens.  We didn't compete.  It feels pretty bad. Nobody wants to look like this, on the road or at home."



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