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Vanderbilt - Arkansas Postgame Quotes

Feb. 8, 2014

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Vanderbilt Head Coach Kevin Stallings

Opening Comments:
"I didn't think our defense was very good. Obviously, we're disappointed to lose one in this fashion, but our guys fought hard and played hard. They just made one more play than we did."

On whether he would've preferred to play less zone defense late in the game:
"We probably would've preferred it, but I thought the last seven or eight minutes of the game we finally kicked in. But, we had some breakdowns and it's disappointing because you shouldn't have breakdowns and we did. We were fine playing zone. We got stops in the zone there for a while. [Arkansas guard Rashad] Madden hit two big shots against us and [Arkansas forward Michael] Qualls hit that last one.  

On the last shot by Rod Odom:
"That was the one we were playing for. We got one of the best shooters in the league a pretty open shot and it just came up a little bit short. That's how it goes sometimes."

On whether he felt there was a defensive breakdown on Arkansas' last possession:
"Well, the guy has to make the shot, but I'd have to look at it again. It was a play or two before there where we broke down. We had the lead and they hit a three over there from that same side. We just had a guy that was six feet out of position for no reason." 

On his thoughts about Fuller playing through injury:
"He just cramped up a little bit, but he's a competitive kid. He's one of those guys that walks towards the fight and you can't get enough of those [players]. He's a competitive guy and I knew the cramping wasn't going to stop him."

On holding Arkansas scoreless for a six-minute stretch in the second half:
"We were more locked in. We were taking the fight to them. They spent most of the afternoon taking the fight to us, which is why they won. In the last six or seven minutes we started taking the fight to them. They shot the ball well. They just made too many shots and, again, some of that was because of our defense and some of was because of really good offense." 

On the two shots Rashad Mann made down the stretch:
"Those were big shots. I thought on one there might have been a charge, but that was a long way away from me. I'd have to see it on film to see whether or not I was right from 95 feet away. He just made big shots. Those were two of the big ones because we had them stopped until he made a couple of those. 

On playing shorthanded against Arkansas' style of play:  
"We were pretty effective offensively; we scored points. We weren't having any trouble scoring. We turned the ball over too many times against the press, which I thought was completely unnecessary. Dai-Jon [Parker] getting in foul trouble was a problem, especially as early as he got in foul trouble. But that's what we've got. We still had a chance to win the game. We had it right there for us and we missed some free throws and didn't get a stop when we needed to."

On the first half pace:
"The pace wasn't the problem. The turnovers for layups were the problem, as well as the fact that we didn't get stops in the half court. Nothing we did defensively worked in the first half and we turned the ball over and gave them points off their defense, which is what they want. They did a better job of doing what they do today than we did of doing what we need to do."

Vanderbilt Forward Rod Odom

On the final shot attempt:
"It was wide open. Coach drew up a great play. Can't really ask for a better shot than that in that situation. I thought I was going to make it."

On how he felt after the 12-0 run to take the lead:
"I really thought we had this one. Especially once we were up with 3 or 4 [minutes left]. I really thought that we had this one, and Madden hit a big shot to tie them up. So it's frustrating. Very frustrating."

 Vanderbilt Guard Kyle Fuller

On the dominant defense near the end of the game:
"We were just all talking. Everybody was communicating. Also, we started boxing out better. They kept on getting loose balls and offensive rebounds. We kept on crashing and it started working better for us."

On the effect the Arkansas press had on the team:
"It worked for the most part because they got a lot of points off turnovers, and that's what they feed off of and get their energy off of. So I can say that it worked against us a little bit."

On the challenge of facing an up-tempo team after recovering from the flu:
"It's not a challenge for somebody who goes towards the challenge. It's tiring. It's definitely tiring. I mean, it's something you have to push through. It's something you have to get your mind ready for and just say that you aren't going to give up on your teammates. Like I said, the press worked for the most part, but I still felt like we had a good chance to win. We just didn't get the stop that we needed."

Arkansas Head Coach Mike Anderson

Opening Statement:
"First I think it was a tremendous basketball game played by two teams that have a clash of style. We want to play up tempo, and Vandy wants the game to be in the 60's, but to their credit, they kept the pace for the most part. It made it really interesting, and we were fortunate because we had the last possession. We executed a play coming out of that timeout. Mike made a big shot; Kyle made a great pass to him, something we hadn't been doing a lot of the year. That comes back to us learning how to win. We were playing against a Vanderbilt team that's been playing really well. Kyle Fuller, I'm kind of tired of that guy. He's playing his heart out; he's not going to let his team go down without a fight. He went down, made the free throw s that put them ahead. Our guys did not panic, and that's the sign of your team growing up."

On breaking through with a win on the road:
"Our guys just came out on the road, took the game plan, and executed it. Last time out on the road we didn't have out whole team. Now some of those pieces back come in and they contributed in a big way. I thought this was a continuation of the Alabama game, especially our defense. We just found a way to win. Our guys trusted each other, they didn't settle, and we kept attacking. Even when Coty got to the free throw line and made one and missed one, and they go down and make two to take the lead, our guys made the right plays. I thought Kyle (Rashad Madden) is a guy who has been doing a tremendous job of executing down the stretch. He's learning, our team is learning, and bottom line is you just got to make plays. Even in the last second, Odom had a shot. Now that`s a different situation because he's got to make it. He's got to make it. Mike did a good job of screening the ball, but he got a good look at it and we're just fortunate to get couple more points than Vandy today."

On Vanderbilt shutting down Bobby Portis today:
"I thought Vandy did a good job of focusing on Bobby. They were pushed him out and they pushed him around. The beauty of it today was that today our guys went through Bobby a lot. Bobby was distributing the ball to guys and they made shots. Shooting is contagious, and we shot 54% in the second half of the Alabama game. We made shots at the beginning, I thought Coty came out and was shooting the ball, Wade played well, I thought everybody played pretty well. Jacorey Williams had a big steal when they had a chance to take the lead. Alandise came in and made big plays. I thought the energy was really high in this game and guys fed off of each other."

On Qualls return to the team this week and his success today:
"Well, it tells me he was engaged. What took place is history, and now its time to move forward. I was proud of him just coming out and really helping our basketball team. Defensively, offensively, whatever he could do to help our team."

Arkansas G Micheal Qualls

On what play was drawn up for his game winning shot:
"The play was for Kyle to drive and draw people. If he didn't then he's going all the way, but when people suck in he passes it and I'm just supposed to knock the shot down. We're just trying to get it going, so there's not a lot of time for celebrations."

On missing last week's game then hitting the game winner tonight:
"It's big, I just love being here and being able to make a play for them. We didn't do anything that we weren't supposed to do. I think that this is the first game we came out a played tenacious for 40 minutes, not 30, not 25, but the whole 40 minutes. We're just going to continue to do that and stay on that pace."

Arkansas G Rashad Madden

On the first road win this season:
"It's really big for us. Not just as a team, but as a confidence booster. We know what it  takes to win on the road, and what we have to do, and it helps us going into the game with Mizzou."

On what was going through his mind during the game winning shot:
"Nothing just keeping my composure , and us staying together, and doing what we've been doing to stay in the game. Coach is always telling us that when we're on the road to just stay in the game, and have a shot late in the game, and we did. Mike got a real good look and he knocked it down."



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