Vanderbilt - Tennessee Postgame Quotes

Feb. 5, 2014

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Vanderbilt 64, Tennessee 60
Postgame Quotes

Vanderbilt Head Coach Kevin Stallings

Postgame reaction:

Kyle Fuller spent the morning at the student health clinic, we weren't sure if he was going to play. He was sick and he needs to get sick more often, because that was an incredible performance by him, I thought. Especially under the circumstances of how he was feeling. Really proud of my team, I couldn't be any more proud of them. They really fought. We leaked oil there at the end, we didn't handle the end of the game so well, and that's something we've been doing well but, aside from that, I was just tickled pink with how well our guys played and how hard they played. Tennessee's got a really good team. I told Cuonzo [Martin] before the game that I think they're a team that can go a long way in the NCAA Tournament, I really do. I think they're really good offensively, really good defensively, they're great off the backboard, so we're very happy to beat a team of that caliber. Like I said, I just couldn't be any more proud of my guys.

On early offensive success:

I want to give it to execution because some of those shots were close to the goal, Rod [Odom] threw in a couple bombs but, aside from him, the rest of the shots were good shots. So I felt more so good execution. I thought Saturday, as I said in here after the game, I thought our offense on Saturday was very poor and I don't think that was the players fault. I didn't blame the team for that. We just hadn't had enough practice time. We were able to go a couple of days on our offense, and I think you were able to see the effects of having a little practice time. I thought we were executing much better.

On Kyle Fuller getting to the hoop:

I wouldn't say he got there easily. We were fortunate that he got there, and the best thing that he did, not only did he get there, but his decisions were great. He shot it when he should shoot it, he passed it when he should pass it, so the decisions he made once he got there were great. I think him getting there was the product of our offense executing well. But there was never a point in the game where I thought, gosh Kyle's getting to the basket easily, I never thought that at any point. When he did get there, he had ten assists and two turnovers. When he did get there, he made great plays.

On brining Damian Jones and Rod Odom back in with four fouls each:

At that point, you're just hoping. You can't sit there and watch them take the lead. Rod hit that big three, they had all the momentum, we came out of that timeout and Rod hit that big three so that was a huge play for us and it kind of gave us some breathing room. We made some mistakes, our young kids made some mistakes down the stretch there a little bit. We missed some free throws, which is disappointing, but that's something that we've been very good at recently. They whooped us on the boards in the second half, they cleaned us out on the boards, so that was our problem in the second half. Again, we're very happy to win and I'm thrilled with my team's performance and how we played.

On Fuller's preparation:

We didn't have a shootaround. We're to that point where we're probably better off just having rest, so we didn't have a shootaround today and actually haven't had a shootaround in several games. He would've missed the shootaround if there was one.

On Damian Jones' extension on his alley-oop:

I can honestly say I never made a play like that when I played. That was proof positive that you can't over throw him on a lob, because that ball was two feet too high. That was amazing. We were all just kind of shocked from it, not that we haven't seen him do amazing things, because we have. That was a good game for him to get in there, because those two guys he was playing against are really good and really know what's going on and how to play and how to use their bodies. He got his tail whipped a little bit at times, but I'm really proud of Damian and how he competed tonight.

On Jones' level of play:

I wouldn't say he had anything near his best game tonight. He had three baskets and all three of them were dunks on plays that we had designed for him. I wouldn't say that this came even close to him playing like he did that night against Kentucky, that was a terrific game and you're right about that. There are a couple of things about Damian that are really attractive when you coach him. One is he's completely unafraid. Darnell Stokes is an imposing guy. He's a great player and an imposing player out on that court. Damian just has no retreat in him. Damian's going to play, he doesn't care who he's playing against. He's very competitive that way. Obviously, we feel like his future is very, very bright here.

On late game defense:

The possession where Richardson was going through the lane looking like he was getting ready to dunk to tie the game up there at the end, you talk about a colossal breakdown of guys not doing what they were supposed to do. We had guys in the wrong place, we had been playing the same defense for about eight minutes and we had guys running back to the wrong defense after a free throw. So, as I tell our team all the time, guys lose their minds at the end of the game. At the end of the ends of games when the pressures on, guys lose their minds, so let's not be that team, let's not be that guy.

On last possession stop:

Dai-Jon Parker deflected the ball and it was Rod Odom who came up with that loose ball. I came into our locker room and I said who deflected the ball when Richardson was getting ready to dunk and Dai-Jon raised his hand.

Vanderbilt Guard Kyle Fuller (Sr.)

On what he had to go through to get ready to play today because of his illness:

I just had to take some meds and get my mind mentally ready. I knew in my mind that there was no way I was not going to play this game, so I just had to get my mind right. I’d rather go through more way later than sit out this game, there was no way I was going to miss it. (Did you throw up during that first timeout break?) Yeah, I did. (Did you feel better afterward?) Yea, I really did.

On beating UT for the first time in some time:

It’s a great feeling. All our fans came out today, they supported us real hard, and they’ve been supporting us really well. I love our fans and I’m glad we could get this win for them and for us.

On finding way to win against the odds:

Coach gives us a game plan and we just follow it. We follow it, and we follow it to a T. It’s been working for us, so we’re just going to keep following in his footsteps.

On teammate Damian Jones’ dunk:

That was disgusting. Coach called the play. I was supposed to call his name, and I switched a screen on (UT F Jarnell) Stokes, and somebody threw it. I kind of put my head down and then I saw him flying over the backboard and dunk it. Got me too hyped, I was ready to go after that. I wasn’t sick anymore.

Vanderbilt Forward Rod Odom (Sr.)

On UT’s near comeback at the end of the game:

Well they’re a touch team, and basketball is a game of runs. Our coaches told us to prepare for their runs, and to prepare for our runs, and it’s just part of the game. They’ve got a lot of tough guys on their team so we knew we were going to come back strong. We just tried to get through that run and keep going.

On who set him up for his big three pointer late in the game:

James (Siakam) threw a really good screen, and Kyle ran out and threw a really good pass, so I was wide open

On his thought process during the final two free throws:

To be honest, I was just thinking “believe in yourself and your going to make them.” That’s all you can do in those situations, just believe in yourself and they’ll go in.

On beating UT for the first time in some time:

It definitely feels good, especially in front of a packed crowd. They’re a tough team, got a lot of tough guys on their team, so it feels good.

On teammate Damian Jones’ dunk:

I’ve been playing basketball for 22 years and I’ve never seen anything like it.


Vanderbilt Center Damian Jones (Fr.)

On his numerous dunks today:

It was a tight game. We called plays that were good to run, and it was open.

On his reaction to his ridiculous dunk:

Yea I love it. It gets everybody hyped up, and we need that kind of stuff. (Is that as high as you can jump?) No I can jump a little higher.

On his thoughts when he saw how high the ball was:

When I saw it I just knew I had to jump real high to get it, so I just reached up and got a hand on it and threw it down

On his reaction to his first UT rivalry game:

There were a lot of people who came out. A lot of our fans, a lot of UT fans, so it was a good mixture of both. It was a fun atmosphere to play in. 

Tennessee Head Coach Cuonzo Martin 

On the game...

I thought Vanderbilt did a good job setting the tone and playing with a lot of energy.  They got the crowd into the game.  They competed on both ends of the floor.  I thought we competed better in the second half with our energy and our plays.  We got where we needed to be and did a great job rebounding.

On rebounding...

We did a good job with the plays, attacking the rim.  We allowed our big guys to fill in and be ready to rebound.

On Odom...

When you allow a guy to get his head up, anything can happen.

On the energy of the team...

You like to see your guys play better, but it happens.  We got off to a slow start.  It was an energy thing, we were still executing our plans and did a great job with that.

On the loss and not knowing what the outcome of each game will be...

Well it's tough but you have to experience it.  You bounce back and learn from it.  You look at film and try to correct it.  That's the biggest key.

On any frustration with putting in the effort and not getting the results:

Yeah it's frustrating for us but I'm ready to do what we did today and better in the next game 

On this compared to the game versus Alabama:

We definitely came out a little flat. It was tough playing from then on.

On the inconsistency of their wins and losses:

I mean it's tough for us but we just got to make sure everyone on the team doesn't stop and keeps going harder in practice, doing everyday things like that.

Tennessee Guard Jordan McRae

On any frustration with putting in the effort and not getting the results:

Yeah it's frustrating for us but I'm ready to do what we did today and better in the next game

On this compared to the game versus Alabama:

We definitely came out a little flat. It was tough playing from then on.

On the inconsistency of their wins and losses:

I mean it's tough for us but we just got to make sure everyone on the team doesn't stop and keeps going harder in practice, doing everyday things like that.



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