Post-Tennessee game quotes

Jan. 20, 2009

Box Score |  Notes

Vanderbilt 63 • Tennessee 76
January 20, 2009 • Memorial Gym
Attendance: 14,057

Kevin Stallings, Vanderbilt Head Coach

Opening Remarks:
"(Tennessee) played better than we did and we probably missed some makeable shoot early and it might have got in our heads a little bit. It just seemed like there was a lid on that basket in the first half. We dug ourselves a hole and every time we needed to make something happen in the second half, we seemed like we'd miss a shot or a free throw."

"Nothing replaces putting the ball in the hoop. We just didn't do that very well tonight. We have to get back to practice and see if we can help our guys a little bit."

Thoughts on Tennessee's solid defensive effort:
"They did what a lot of teams try to do to us, they tried to build a crowd around A.J. (Ogilvy) If they choose to play that type of defense on us, we're going to have to step up and hit perimeter shots. That's just what we're going to have to do."

Vanderbilt's lack of offensive production:
"We didn't execute very well. Even when we did get the shot we wanted, we had a hard time getting it in the hole. They just are too good of an offensive team to let that happen. You have to take advantage of the offensive opportunities that you have and we weren't able to do that tonight. We missed some shots that normally go in and I think it snowballed on us a little bit."

Thoughts on the Tennessee squad and play of forward/center Wayne Chism:
"They're really good on offense. They penetrated on us. In the second half, every shot seemed like a layup or dunk. They also beat us to the loose balls. We got beat by a better, more veteran team that just played better than we did. I thought Chism really got them going. He played well, not just with those (early) threes. He also played well thereafter."

Where he focuses attention in coming days:
"We've just got to figure out how we can help them out a little more. They've trying real hard, and they have a good attitude. We just have to help them a little more."

Vanderbilt Players

George Drake, guard

On the start of the game:
"We got off to a very slow start. We found ourselves trying to dig ourselves back into the game. It just wasn't enough in the end."

On having to do more offensively tonight:
"My job is to do what I've always done and that's to come off the bench and bring energy. Tonight, that's what I feel like I did."

On getting back into the game in the 2nd half:
"We made our run, but like I said, it was frustrating. We didn't hit shots that we usually make. In the end, it just wasn't enough."

On the team trying to bust out of a shooting slump:
"Coach has confidence in our scorers, our shooters like Brad (Tinsley) and Jeff (Taylor) and Jermaine (Beal). Like Brad (Tinsley) was saying, shooters have to know that they are going to make the next shot."

Brad Tinsley, guard

On having a tough time making shots:
"They played a packed in defense, which made it hard to get inside. When it comes down to it, it's about guys making shots. Big time players make big time plays. A lot of our guys didn't make shots tonight."

On dealing with poor shooting:
"If you're a shooter, if you miss one, you can't think about it. You got to know that you're going to make the next shot."

On being down only 8 at the half despite making 5 field goals in the 1st half:
"You don't feel good at all if you're down. We just didn't hit shots. A lot of our guys had open shots. A lot of guys had hands in their faces and they just didn't hit the shots. In practice our guys hit those shots. It just wasn't our day for shooting."

Bruce Pearl, Tennessee Head Coach

Opening Statement:
"I think we were really patient tonight. We only took 13 3-pointers. We have always played Vanderbilt well. And Wayne Chism did an excellent job tonight. Wayne has only played against Vanderbilt five times, two of them here in Nashville. I decided I didn't need Wayne to start. I just let him come in when we were ready for him and he did a tremendous job."

On Coaching throughout the Game:
"I was just sitting and watching for a lot of the game, just watching the action, and it was calming... really. I think watching Wayne (Chism) was the most calming for me. He's been one of our most consistent starters. We are trying to strengthen our defense and find a defensive identity. We're not where we need to be. Brian Williams and Wayne did well, but everyone else needs to step up from here on out."

On Preparing for the Vanderbilt game:
"I think the environments we play in prepare us for Vanderbilt every year. Playing at Temple and Kansas this year really hyped us up and got us ready for the environment at Memorial (Gym)."

On Wayne Chism's Technical Foul in First Half:
"Wayne has always got my back and I have his. I respect him as a person and a player. He was my first recruit and we have a special bond. So I'll just say that I really have his back."

On Motivation for Winning an Away Game:
"When you lose a home game, you have to make one up on the road. I consider this making one up. Vanderbilt doesn't lose many home games. Wayne (Chism), Tyler (Smith), and J.P. (Prince) really showed our guys the ropes. Vanderbilt really only has upperclassman leadership in A.J. (Ogilvy) and Jermaine (Beal)."

On difference between this year's Memorial game and last year's:
"Both teams were better last year. Vanderbilt was 14th in the country. The game was later in the year. Neither team is where they will be the next time we play. We're going to have to get ready for Vanderbilt, even though we'll have home court advantage."

Tennessee Players

Wayne Chism, forward

On not starting game:
"Not starting the game allowed me to watch my teammates play and gave me the freedom to perform in the best way possible once I entered the game."

On facing A.J. Ogilvy:
"A.J. is a good player and I had a lot to prove tonight. I went out and played my game and I hope to get as much attention as he is getting."

On winning in Memorial Gym:
"Tonight was a sweet win. This was my first time winning in this gym."

On starting 2-0 in the SEC on the road:
"We prepared for this playing at Temple and Kansas earlier in the season. We played well together tonight as a team."

Tyler Smith, forward

On getting in foul trouble:
"I knew that my teammates would have my back in the first half after picking up the fouls. When I came back in the second half, my teammates got me the ball and I was able to perform."

On winning at Vanderbilt:
"This was my first win in this building and we needed to get another road victory tonight. We talked well on defense tonight and that was important. Our main goal tonight was to stop (Jermaine) Beal in transition."

On the team meeting before tonight's game:
"We talked and focused on treating every game like it's our senior year. We need to treat every game importantly because we don't know when we will have a chance to win here again. We were tired of hearing about giving up 54 points to (Jodie) Meeks in the Kentucky game."

J.P. Prince, guard

On general health:
"It was good to get healthy and back on the court. I was able to do what I do best and play close to 100%."

On facing Memphis in next game:
"We're taking it one game at a time and not looking ahead. We were happy to get the win tonight."



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