Vanderbilt-Ole Miss postgame quotes

Jan. 15, 2013

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Vanderbilt Head Coach Kevin Stallings

Opening Comments:
"It's pretty disappointing to lose the game in the fashion we lost it in. Our guys played pretty hard. Our defense wasn't too good, but some of that is because [Ole Miss] is a good offensive team. They're a tough team to guard. We had a chance to win the game and just tried to be heroes rather than get back and do what we were supposed to be doing defensively." 

On Vanderbilt's struggles from the free throw line:
"What can you say? They missed. I can't shoot it for them. They make them in practice. Ten-for-23, that won't get you very far." 

On Vanderbilt's first half three-point shooting:
"We were able to get off some ball screens and penetrate and kick out. We were in a good rhythm. What was disappointing is that we were only up one point [at halftime]. Our team is a work in progress and we don't know how to win games; we don't know how to make winning plays. We're just not there yet." 

On Vanderbilt's new starting lineup:
"It's tough to say [whether it was effective]. We came out in a good rhythm." 

On the loss:
"It's safe to say we should have won that game and did just enough to lose it. It looked like a team that expected to lose. When you do things that are inexplicable and that make no basketball sense whatsoever, you're waiting to lose." 

On Ole Miss' defensive pressure:
"There were a couple of times when we stopped looking up the floor. I don't think their pressure was a big factor, though. We turned it over a couple of times, but we did a good job there." 

On the injury to Vanderbilt guard Kedren Johnson:
"He was questionable for tonight until yesterday. He was able to do a little bit in practice. I can't ask for more than [his performance] tonight. On offense, he was very good." 

Vanderbilt guard Kevin Bright

On if he felt like Ole Miss had the momentum going into overtime:
"Definitely, they made the winning plays. On offense, we weren't able to score any more and they hit their free throws, we didn't. That is the key to winning games." 

Vanderbilt guard Dai-Jon Parker 

On what happened at the end of the game:
"Winning players have to make winning plays. We had the game in our hands and I felt like everyone could have contributed. We just didn't pull it out. They made big plays. They made their free throws and unfortunately we didn't make ours, which is becoming a trend for us this year. That was the ball game right there." 

On coming back after a bad game at Arkansas:
"We just wanted to come back after that debacle we had last game. We knew we couldn't play any worse than that, so we just went up from there. The 12 three-pointers (in the first half), we were just finding the right players that were open and making plays for our teammates." 

Vanderbilt guard Kedren Johnson

On the final sequence in regulation:
"It was just brainless on our part. We didn't match up the right way." 

On his shoulder:
"During the game it was pretty loose and it wasn't bothering me too much. When I sit out or if I have time to let it rest, it tightens up on me and gets sore." 

Ole Miss Head Coach Andy Kennedy

On Vanderbilt's three-point shooting in the first half:
"My worst nightmare is they are at home, they are obviously disappointed with their last outing. They started shooting it free and easy, one thing led to another and they make 12 three-pointers in the first half."

On Vandy's free throw shooting:
"They couldn't close out down the stretch with free throws, and we took advantage of that."

On playing in Memorial Gym:

"If you think you are just going to walk into this building and just roll it out and win, you are sadly mistaken."

On Marshall Henderson's game-tying three-pointer:

"He is a gunslinger and that is what he is here for."



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